Full Moon Event With Salthaus

The Joyful Approach is a methodology that addresses the components of a holistic lifestyle and spiritual evolution, offering tools for transformation that bring us to the states of joy, freedom, and love, a place where we get to celebrate the cornucopia of our lives.

The Joyful Approach is a holistic lifestyle that supports the Joyful alignment of the whole self. Together, we look for and address imbalances that are disrupting your life flow, layer by layer, to bring you to a state of ease and joy.

First, we focus on the areas that can have an immediate impact on your life: sleep, hydration, nutrition, breathing, thinking, and movement. As your experience of wellness, vitality, and joy begins to increase, we will then focus on self-love, authenticity, boundary-setting, motivating intentions, core values, and daily practice. These are the deeper layers of your emotional life that help support your long-term experience of joy, freedom, and love.