The Gallery of Art & Consciousness by Artist Beatrice Poggio


It was through pure serendipity that I met the kindred spirit Beatrice Poggio a few years after receiving a JOY collage, a most thoughful gift from dear friend’s.
We connected instantaneously and continue to connect when traveling to Ibiza and phone sessions throughout the year. Connecting on inspiring talks through growing consciousness, we support one another with inspiration and creativity.
It’s an honor for me to share the work of Beatrice here.


Hi Beatrice, we are  excited to learn about your journey with your brilliant work. Firstly can you tell us where you’re from, and where you’ve lived throughout your journey?

 I was born in Genoa, Italy, a beautiful city by the Mediterranean sea.

When I was eighteen I went to study in Florence.

The cosmopolitan nature of the city opened my mind and connected me to people from many different countries.

From that moment I have let  my nomadic nature grow  and enjoyed living in France, Ireland, UK, Spain and Morocco .

Even when I travel I like to extend my stay for a few months, to get to know the country and its culture on a deeper level. So I have spent long periods in countries like Japan, India, South America, Australia, …I love traveling and is the main inspiration for my artwork.

At the moment my base is in Italy, here is where I work, make art and ground myself after traveling.

When did you first realize you were an artist?

I always loved drawing, as long as I remember it.

I come from a family where creativity is very much supported in all its forms. My dad is a poet and my mum a good tailor. My family gave me support from the beginning of my career.

I have started my career as a fashion photographer, I have worked in Florence, Milan and Paris in the nineties. It has been a very enriching experience but deep inside I knew I wanted to paint and draw.

I have been alternating art with other jobs until twelve years ago when I have took the decision to support myself only through my artwork. My entire life is devoted to art, I enjoy it immensely and I feel so much gratitude to be able to work with my biggest passion!

What inspires you mostly with your work?

I have different sources of inspiration for my art, all equally powerful. As I have mentioned already traveling is deeply linked to my art. Every time I travel to a physical place, an inward travel also starts. This dual nature is what fascinates and inspires me.

Visiting new countries allows me to study a new iconography.

Although I believe in the power of symbology and archetypes and in the connection between all human beings through consciousness and dreams, I found it most interesting how every culture has different ways to express itself.

Leaving the comfort zone and entering the unknown are the sparkle for the inward journey. Every time I come back I feel always transformed and enriched and new characters enter in my drawings.

Books, stories, poetry and songs are my other source of inspiration.

I love reading, I love learning languages, I love to complete with an image some beautiful words.

Often I read or hear a sentence and straight away a picture appears in my mind. In my art you can find words as part of the image, very often.

Mother Nature has also a strong influence on my art.

Nature and its beauty, Nature and its colors and forms and beings, Nature as a miracle and Nature as Divine expression, what a joy for the eyes and for the soul, and what a nourishing experience to be in contact with it.

I often spend time in Nature but I must admit  I also love the dynamic buzz of a city for a while.

I love visiting museums and exhibitions and I am grateful for the work done by the artists who lived before me. I resonate with the work of Frida Khalo, Georgia O’Keffee, Leonora Carrington, Vali Myers and Yayoi Kusama just to name few…I love italian Renaissance and folk art.

What mediums do you enjoy using mostly?

I think that in my art my strength is in the drawing. I love drawing with pen, a simple yet powerful technique.

Another big love is collage. I collect papers and fabrics from around the world and I use them in my images. When I look at a piece it becomes a map of my travels!

I often mix the pen drawing with the collage. The collage brings color, patterns and texture, the pen drawing the outlines definition.

When I paint I use natural pigments mainly, I make my own paint and use wood or canvas as  support.

I bought a printing press a few years ago. I love etchings and their possibility of reproduction in a series while keeping the uniqueness due to the hand process.

These are the techniques I mostly work with but I often explore new territories and possibilities.

Can you tell us about your process with your work?

I sketch all the time, every day, when I travel or when I am at home, on my journal. The sketches are my starting point. Not every page of my diary becomes a full size painting, but is part of the process.

I start working early in the morning, I am a day person, the natural light is very important for me. I believe creativity and imagination must be nourished and trained, like Pablo Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but you have to find it working”.  A daily practice is essential for me. Both to keep focused and to develop ideas.

Normally I work on projects:  personal research (on a theme or exploring a specific technique) or commissions. Lately I felt the need to collaborate with other creative people, to open my horizons and share new visions and I found myself working with beautiful and inspiring people, I loved it!

When I work on a piece or a series I am eager to see the final result, I can spend a full day working and forgetting the world outside…

The actual moment of creation is what really matters to me. Once the image feels complete I am not attached to it, I am happy to let it go and find its own place in the world.

As an artist I don’t feel I own the images I draw. My work feels more like channeling feelings, visions, ideas collected along the way, work of past artists, my role is to translate them visually in my own way. I call it a team work.

Where can one find your pieces?

I have different selling points for my work, in Ibiza, London, Marrakech and Italy, please find all the addresses on my website and I am always open for new collaborations.

I also have an online shop where you can find a vast range of one of a kind art objects, limited edition prints and original paintings.

I suggest to follow my Instagram account  or sign  up to the newsletter through my website to keep updated with exhibitions and events.

What are some of your personal favorite practices for self care?


Because my life is based on movement and change, it’s very important for me to find stillness inside through daily meditation. I meditate first in the morning, sometimes also before sleep.

When I work I keep the same position for many hours and at the end of the day I enjoy some asanas  or a walk in the nearby forest to stretch the body.

I am not a strict vegetarian, sometimes I travel in countries where the diet is based on meat, but given the choice I prefer to avoid it.

I am lucky to live in a country where the ingredients are very good quality. I enjoy cooking fresh food daily and share it with friends and family.

What is feeling most JOYFUL in your life?

I think the most joyful feeling for me is  walking free on my path.

It’s how I feel right now and is the most powerful and fulfilling sensation.