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A Plethora of Healing; Fausta Tamburino

There are many pearls I get to benefit from with the work I do, but for me, the oyster is in meeting likeminded kindred souls and the connection that builds in our relationship then after. I first met Fausta Tamburino a few years back at a collaborative event I hosted at my home with Breathwork and an Intro to Astrology, with Rose Theodora. We reconnected just a few months ago over lunch, with the intention to get a deeper dive into our life’s work. Sure enough, our time together flew by as were in a symphony of synergistic alignment, sharing on our parallel paths,  awakened seekers with a deep soulful calling to serve others.

Fausta has a background in training for over 30 years in many lineages and devoted Masters in both yoga and Taoist traditions. Her private NYC based practice offers a myriad of modalities in healing including the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, yoga, Taoist healing arts, nutrition, essential oil therapy and flower essences to create a holistic, comprehensive and integrative approach to each persons unique path.

Weaving a variety of traditions to treat a broad range of conditions including chronic and acute, hereditary and emotional origins,  pain management, women’s health & wellness, digestive imbalances, addiction, depression and stress. She’s a priestess helping heal and awaken women to their divine feminine with sensual healing through her Sacred Feminine Arts offerings.

The integrity of Fausta’s work shows up with her client’s progress as a result of her deep ancient wisdom and also because she herself is devoted to her personal practice and spirituality. I am so honored to share my interview with Fausta below:

Fausta, It’s an honor to have you share your work with us. First can you tell us a little about yourself. Where did your journey begin?

Its good to meet women who are on a path of cultivation of the seen and unseen worlds. I am grateful to be here with you.

I have always been a seeker. Seeker of knowledge, seeker of pleasure, seeker of the tangible and intangible. As a very young girl growing up in New Jersey, I remember being on my swing-set under the night sky gazing up at the stars, asking the cosmos why “I” was here and what is all this. At the same time my off-the-boat Italian parents Catholic religion was confusing with their dogma, richly ornate vestments, elaborate paintings, pomp and bling. I was baffled during services, that all my senses can be infused with song, incenses, and symbols, all this sensuality, yet I was a deemed a sinner by the robed ones. I felt abused, disconnected and neglected, an outsider. All their outward signs of spiritual realities left me restless. How is it that I felt love, pleasure and comfort in my body, and they thought I was dirty, a sinner? This duality sent me on a lifelong quest for truth. I was first traumatized as a young girl. I felt whole inside, yet everyone around me, society, the church, kept imposing their ideals on me that I was not whole, that I needed something outside of myself. I was blessed to be guided to eastern esoteric practices that allowed me the courage for self-cultivation. Through desire, frustration and agitation in 1984 I found myself in New York City, blissfully guided to Ashtanga Yoga and the Taoist practices and eventually a became a licensed acupuncturist. 

When did you first awaken on to your spiritual path, and what was that like for you? 

I felt at home and at one with the Universal Force in these experiential esoteric cultivation practices. In the earlier days yoga and the Taoist practices were underground with a very small community of people practicing. I don’t know if I would have stuck with it if I did not “feel” anything or have cosmic, magical experiences from the start. In 1988 I had another awe inspiring event. A literal veil was lifted in front of my eyes and allowed me to finally see clearly. The dark parts that were exposed after this were enormously overwhelming. The sparks of light illuminated the pain and suffering of my soul, and in time I softened and healed. It was in eastern healing arts that I learned my body is the alchemical vehicle to transform and experience all that is, so that I can channel the mystical I desired to know. I had to completely fall apart to rise. My Libra nature, the pleasure seeker in me would have abandoned these techniques early on if they were not manifesting more than what the five senses are able to grasp. 

When did Yoga come into your life, who did you study with and how has Yoga been instrumental for your personal healing? 

All aspects of yoga have been a saving grace. It is were I have found freedom, blessed with great teachers and guidance from the other realms. I went from Ashtanga and its 8 limbs to Iyengar, as well as other schools to assisting sweet beings like Erich Schiffman. Eventually finding myself in the studio of Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga. I was living in Bedford Hills in 1988. It was magical moment when I walked into her studio, I had this warm feeling come over me, and felt at home. She had the Taoist posters from Mantak Chia adorning her studio walls. She spoke the language of my deep knowing. She understood the benefits of yoga, the philosophical Chinese and Taoist esoteric practices of the ancient ones Mantak Chia had written about, plus all the sacred geometry. There are no words to describe what happens when one is connected to all that is, except pure bliss. While all this “yoga” was going on I was circulating and cultivating in my “Healing Love Practices”, including the Jade egg. All of it has supported me through many of life’s difficulties. 

What is your process with teaching Yoga to clients, and what are the benefits you’ve witnessed with them? 

First, I find it important to listen. Why are they here? I teach from there. Teaching yoga has shifted over the years, the more I have honed my skills and evolved. Ultimately, I teach skills from the physical yoga practices, eight limbs mixed with Chinese Medicine and Taoist practices, always keeping in mind the limitations or injuries of each person. I sometimes call it “PT yoga”. The alchemical practices are to cultivate virtues and a well-functioning body and balanced organ system. We are seeking grace, longevity, harmony and maintenance in human form. I have seen disciplined clients transformed, well-functioning and far exceeding their idea of why they came to yoga. Its exciting to be a part of their healing. 

What style of Acupuncture do you use? What types of treatment do you offer and what are some of the results one can experience through Acupuncture? 

My acupuncture treatments are influenced by 33 years of being a patient by my practitioner who apprenticed with the Taoist Priest Jeffrey Yuen. I learned the most through experiencing my own treatments, you can say they are in me. I dip into various styles and lineages. Classical acupuncture, Japanese style of Kiiko Matsumoto and TCM. Each session is specific to each person’s physical and mental states, their condition and constitution. With cosmetic acupuncture, I think its necessary to treat the whole person. Plus the face shows signs of whats going on in the organ system. 

Acupuncture treatment works with Qi, to regulate body function, restore health and expel disease. Combinations of acupuncture points reset physiology gone awry to invigorate the expulsion of harmful pathogenic agents causing symptoms. Healing should address the whole, we are, mind body and soul. The treatments are meant to put miracle grow on the “gateway to gold”, or your true nature. Who is the authentic you? I like to hold the intention like Michelangelo had in his love of sculpting, “In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before me, shaped and perfect in attitude and in action. I have only to hew away the rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other eyes as mine see it.” 

How is a typical Acupuncture session with you designed? 

I typically ask questions and listen. I look at your physiognomy, use all my senses to understand You, before, now and after. Who are you and how your spirit shows up in the world. Listening carefully to your words spoken and deciphering other messages. As partners in wellness we make a plan to bring you back to center and harmony. In addition to acupuncture, treatments may include crystals, custom blend essential oils, moxibustion, cupping, tuning forks and diet suggestions. 

When did you first begin your education with the Taoist Jade Egg?; who were you trained with?

This is a perfect example where the quote from Rumi applies, “What you seek is seeking you.” The Jade egg was introduced to me when I started practicing Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Sharon Smith. Through seeking Universal Truth, the Universe unfolded in front of me, and to me. Sharon was also teaching the Inner Smile and Six Healing Sounds classes, which are a necessary part of the Jade Egg practice. I then studied a little with Mantak Chia. I have fond memories when I would call Maneewan, she was Mantak’s wife then, to get advice on relationships. I remember her giggling like a little girl throughout our conversations….I thought, “I want what she is having!” 

Can you explain the importance of healing with a Jade Egg and its significance with healing spiritually as well as awakening sensuality? 

This ancient Taoist jade egg practice is a cultivating practice of orgasmic love energy and vitality! The multi-orgasmic energy is a liberating and empowering experience to support the healing of sexual wounding with love, awareness and compassion for women at all stages of life. It allows women to naturally cleanse and heal the conditioning and beliefs that effect their behavior and sexuality. We learn tools to clear what no longer serves us. Then discover how orgasmic energy is not just about pleasure, but about creating vitality and a smooth flow of life-force energy, as well as creating space for divine experiences. Im naturally a skeptic so when I come to any eastern practice, I really only believe it if I experience. How can I teach what I don’t experience? 

Sexual energy is incredibly powerful physical and spiritual energy. Its multiplying potential shifts our lives physically, mentally and emotionally. When we harness this power and circulate it, this generative energy which is the basis of life, we circulate our creative potential. It is about turning what may be considered a shameful, dormant or misunderstood aspect of our life into a vital elixir, created from sexual essence as a source to be used for bliss and spiritual development. Through practice we learn to weave the sexual and the spiritual. Playing in and unifying the mysterious realms, awakening the masterpiece that you desire, uncovering, illuminating the dark parts, the light parts, setting them free. It is through this path, we transform emotions, embody our true nature to cosmic bliss! We bring the sexual energy inward and upward where it could be transformed into higher energy. 

Women are sensual beings and it is a huge boost to a woman’s confidence to be able to express her innate sensuality and feminine magnetism without fear, shame and guilt. This is how we find freedom to the erotic. In the feminine, the innately luscious sensual, deeply creative, wildly alive feminine we deeply desire and are nourished. We thrive in all realms from our inner wisdom of our sensual world. 

Can you give some examples of how the work with the Jade Egg has improved people’s lives? 

This is the best part, “having” the fruits of ones labor. The practice gives us the fun, beneficial experiences suffusing everyday aspects of our lives with beauty, magic, and surprise! 

Women experience enhanced sexual energy, greater sexual vitality, multi- orgasmic pleasure. This re-sensitizing is not just in the bedroom, it is woven in their daily lives. 

Woman are empowered by reclaiming their sexuality, their innate wisdom. It is through this meditation women are conserving, redirecting and circulating the generative force from the sexual organs to higher centers. This makes them spiritually more connected, centered and content. 

All the vital functions of the body are invigorated and rejuvenated and activates higher frequency energies which means more life force energy, better circulation. Making women magnetic, alive, healthy and happy. 

This deepening of connection is beneficial for sexual healing, creating more life force energy, better blood circulation, and it is connecting with ones life purpose/unique essence.” 

Practice has awakened in women a sensuality and self-esteem and multi- orgasmic; rocked into the stratosphere and bliss beyond the conventional, which is not honest, but limiting women. Women who once were non-orgasmic now experience constant flow of shooting stars throughout their whole being. 

What is a training with the Jade Egg session like? 

We journey together sitting, standing and laying down. The sitting part of the practice is comfortable for every age, as we sit in chairs versus most eastern practices where we sit on cushions on the floor. I briefly explain this Taoist practice, Qi, their vision on sexual energy (which is life force energy, or creative energy) the celebration of the feminine and love of the body. I explain a bit about the exercises we will do to cultivate and harness this energy. The exercises are: 6 Healing Sounds to clean your internal organs, and energize your entire system with the Inner Smile. The breast massage and Microcosmic Orbit to guide the ‘sexual’ energy for nourishing the whoIe body and the jade egg practice. For comfort I recommend a long skirt, or sarong and loose fitting top. 

We move in a way of ritual to become aware of the physical body with special focus on the feminine parts. Transforming, cultivating and awakening our sense of connection with the overpowering sacred presence and rapture of the rest of the universe within. 

We then may share our experience and witness each other in this sharing and the celebration of the feminine powers. A sacred space to open up, to express, to share and to just be the beautiful YOU! Together we can lift each other up and close the circle. 

What is your personal daily practice that provides nourishment and feeds your soul? 

Daily practice is waking with gratitude that I get to have this day. Sending an inner and outer smile to all that is. I get out of bed and start with the ancient technique of oil pulling. A cup of my favorite tea. A home-made green juice and protein. Before I dress, I mindfully massage my body with a favorite cream infused with the intention of love, mixed with rose essential oil, or another high vibration/medicinal essential oil, including breast massage. Practice some form of yoga, or Taoist techniques. 

Do you have any exciting projects you’re working on? 

Yes! I am very excited to be working on a book for women on this ancient practice. The idea is to keep it simple, beautiful, embracing every women who finds it. 

What feels most Joyful momentarily? 

Being 54 and feeling this good. Who could have imagined! 


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