Our Mission

The Joyful Approach is a destination for all people who are passionate about living holistically and for those seeking heightened levels of consciousness to help inspire change. Our goal is to align these like-minded individuals and encourage them to share their practices in order to foster growth and self-discovery and create a positive impact on our world. Through our network of experts, healers and leaders in the holistic space, we are creating a community that can reach limitless possibilities through greater pathways of consciousness.

Joy Dushey

I’m Joy Dushey, the founder of The Joyful Approach. The Joyful Approach is a methodology creating wellness and vitality in oneself so once can wake up to a deeper experience of themselves. The Joyful Approach is both a holistic coaching practice and wellness community.

As a holistic lifestyle coach and breathwork teacher I use a multi-tiered system of consciousness to help clients shift thoughts, make space and access their deepest truths to enrich their lives. I share The Joyful Approach through one-on-one client work, workshops and retreats and by curating an online community of like-minded holistic enthusiasts and experts who are also passionate about inspiring positive impact.

I spent my early years as a knowledge-seeker, exploring answers to the questions of life. In my 20’s, my naturally exuberant nature was challenged when I lost my brother tragically and later I endured the most traumatic event of my life. At the age of 29, I suffered an ischemic stroke. It was a totally transformative experience that forced me to reevaluate the deeper meaning of my life as I once knew it. After a year of rehabilitation, I set out on a journey of self-discovery that led to healthier, conscious living and a spiritual path.

I connected with specialists in holistic therapy healing and studied with spiritual teachers. I became immersed with the CHEK Institute, where in 2012 I became certified as a coach and trained under David Elliott  I was certified as a Breathwork practitioner in 2017. After facing my adversities, I felt passionate about helping others overcome blocks that prevent us from reaching optimal living.

I work one-on-one with people of all kinds, helping them make positive shifts through self exploration and a multi-tiered system of consciousness. The Joyful Approach philosophy is an alchemy that guides individuals towards a sense of purpose where they can truly fulfill their dreams.

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John_Dill-joy-vibe-5843 John_Dill-joy-vibe-5922 John_Dill-joy-vibe-4557
John_Dill-joy-vibe-5843 John_Dill-joy-vibe-5922 John_Dill-joy-vibe-4557