Our Mission

The mission of The Joyful Approach is to help us all:

  • recognize and address limiting beliefs that are causing destruction in our lives so we can wake up to a deeper experience of ourselves,
  • embrace a set of tools and practices that helps us find alignment in each layer of our lives while making self-loving choices,
  • demonstrate that each of us has the answers inside of us and that we are all capable of calling in and attracting what we want,
  • create an inclusive, holistic collective of voices that can help us all change our perspectives and highlight new pathways to joy,
  • commit to lifelong learning by bringing people and resources together to create a community that can share knowledge and ideas as each person within it grows,
  • and find transformation, freedom, love, and a state of ease through joyful alignment of our whole selves.

Joy Dushey

Hi, I’m Joy. I support people in creating joyful alignment of the whole self through a holistic lifestyle called The Joyful Approach.

My work is intuitive, following the energy of the individual or the group, and may include breathwork, reiki, meditation, and other esoteric healing practices. But it always stems from The Joyful Approach, my framework for the joyful alignment of the whole self.

I take a holistic approach, looking at wellness from many different angles, so I’m passionate about bringing people and resources together to create a community that can share knowledge and ideas as each person within it grows.

When we work together, I meet you where you are, and I offer a safe space and loving support as you shift beliefs that no longer serve you and explore new possibilities for bringing joy, love, and freedom into your life.

My work was an evolution after experiencing years as a knowledge-seeker exploring answers to the questions of life. In my 20’s, my naturally exuberant nature was challenged when I lost my brother tragically and later I endured the most traumatic event of my life. At the age of 29, I suffered an ischemic stroke. It was a totally transformative experience that forced me to reevaluate the deeper meaning of my life as I once knew it. After a year of rehabilitation, I set out on a journey of self-discovery that led to healthier, conscious living and a spiritual path.

I connected with specialists in holistic therapy healing and studied with spiritual teachers. I became immersed with the CHEK Institute, where in 2012 I became certified as a coach and trained under David Elliott I was certified as a Breathwork practitioner in 2017. After overcoming adversity, I felt passionate about helping others overcome blocks that prevent us from reaching optimal living.
Today, I’m the mom of two grown girls, a passionate runner and athlete. I’m one who thrives on wellness in all realms with more attention on synchronizing with the laws of the heart and of nature. I live in NYC, and I practice there as well.

John_Dill-joy-vibe-5843 John_Dill-joy-vibe-5922 John_Dill-joy-vibe-4557
John_Dill-joy-vibe-5843 John_Dill-joy-vibe-5922 John_Dill-joy-vibe-4557
John_Dill-joy-vibe-5843 John_Dill-joy-vibe-5922 John_Dill-joy-vibe-4557

The Joyful Approach is a holistic lifestyle that supports joyful alignment of your whole self. Together, we look for and address imbalances that are disrupting your life flow, layer by layer, to bring you to a state of ease and joy.

We assess the areas that can possibly be out of balance from the first tier of holistic lifestyle. The areas that have an immediate impact on your life: sleep, hydration, nutrition, breathing, thinking, and movement. As your experience of wellness, vitality, and joy begins to increase, we will then focus on self-love, authenticity, boundary-setting, motivating intentions, core values, and daily practice. These are the deeper layers of your emotional life that help support your long-term experience of joy, freedom, and love.

This isn’t a rigid lifestyle. Rather, it’s a way of awakening to a deeper experience of yourself, realizing the answers are already inside of you, and learning the tools you need to support alignment and joy on an ongoing basis.

When we stay open to new possibilities, magic happens, when we allow through the universe, magic happens.