Breathwork is a deeper healing modality for self care that helps remove blocks that stop you from living your life with freedom.

Breathwork is an active meditation technique to heal area’s in our lives that no longer serve us. My experience with Breathwork has been transformational and profound so I now want to share the gift of Breathwork Healing with you.


We begin with a 15-20 minute conversation discussing where you’re feeling stuck or held back from moving forward in your life. We’ll set intentions of things you want to let go of and and what you want to make space for.
I’ll then guide you and teach you the two part breath (from the belly to the heart and out the mouth to release) for approximately 40 minutes.

I’ll use my “tools” oils, music, (maybe crystals) and sage to help activate your process and I’ll hold space for you in a no judgement, safe environment. I’ll guide you through your process.
With letting go of your old story and limiting beliefs, you will experience breathing in new life force and opening your heart space.
Each experience is unique and healing to support you on your path.

Moving Energy

With moving stagnant energy, you will experience freedom, feeling softer, more grounded and present and more open to love.

The Benefits

After a few minutes of relaxation, we’ll have the space to talk about what came up in the session. I’ll encourage you with support to continue the healing process on your own in your daily life taking into consideration the insights I offered during the session.

More Benefits to mention on Breathwork are:

Reduces Anxiety and Stress

Breaks old Patterning

Supports Addiction and promotes Recovery

Opens up Creativity

Balances the Chakra’s

Helps with sleep and relaxation of the nervous system

Strengthen’s intuition

Relieves grief and suffering

Boosts the immune system

Schedule your session below:

I offer group sessions as well. The benefits of sharing collectively, being witnessed and supported is powerful.

Attending a Joyful breathwork workshop is a great way to create community in a safe space and share in  healing together in a group but by still having your own experience.

If you would like to create your own group with me please inquire for times and rates.