Bhakti Breathwork Reiki and Sound/ Los Angeles

Bhakti Breathwork Immersion
with Joy Dushey
Bhakti Shala Yoga
August 3rd, 7-10pm
7-9pm Breathwork, Soundbath + Reiki
9-10pm Bhakti Social + Treats

Breathwork is a deeper healing modality for self care that helps remove blocks that get in the way of living one’s life with freedom. We use a three step breathing technique activating the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body for a visceral experience. The breath purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and restores balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

This work allows spirit to wash through the body assisting with releasing energetic blockages and stagnant negative energy opening for deep rooted healing and love. You will step into a whole new way of being that is lighter, more free, and in alignment with your soul’s highest purpose.

Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion, often referred to as the Yoga of Love. When devotion to the Divine within you is developed as a part of your spiritual path, you are able to feel the presence of Love always with you, and you can move through life feeling totally protected.

The Bhakti energy paired with this healing Breathwork practice are a potent and powerful combination that can produce profound transformation and growth in one’s life. This immersion offers the opportunity for expansion, exploration, healing, and connection to your Soul and Heart, and Divine Wisdom.

In this workshop, Joy creates a safe space for self healing with the support of music, mantras, essential oils, and incense for added clearing and healing. Guiding you intuitively, she holds space for you to release all that is no longer serving you. Reconnect to your heart – to your inherent wisdom. Experience personal growth and transformation, and develop a stronger relationship with YOU.

Sound Healing: After the Breathwork, transition into a melting Sound Bath for deep restorative meditation. The vibrational sound brings profound states of balance back to the physiology of the body, mind, and soul.

Reiki: Reiki, or ‘Universal Energy,’ is a hands-on energy healing technique benefiting the physical body as well as the mind and the heart. Using this modality, the practitioner acts as a channel through which Source energy flows to that which is in need of clearing and uplifting. Reiki is the sharing of abundant love and healing from Source energy, the loving presence that is always ours to receive, the well of support and love that is infinite and pure. During the Breathwork and Soundbath portion of the night, Angel Cantu will share Bhakti Reiki Energy healing, a woven practice of traditional Reiki energy healing and ancient healing mantras, calling on the divine that we might open to release and to receive.

Social: Vegan desserts and delicious conversation

Suggested Donation $27