Introducing Walden~ The Meditation Cushion


I’m so honored to introduce Walden to The Joyful Approach community. Walden is the meditation cushion that we’ve been waiting for to ensure more ease and comfort with our practice. In my interview below, I catch up with Eddie Cohen, the founder and innovator bridging meditation lifestyle with style and comfort.

Eddie reached out to me months ago consulting with me on what my thoughts were on the idea of creating meditation cushion’s and home accessories aligned with practice.  I thought it was a brilliant concept as I am a meditator concerned with comfort and the practicality of having accesible furniture that are aesthetically pleasing.  Surprisingly, only after a few months Walden was launched and I received my first sample of the Walden cushion. I facilitated two 3 hour workshops sitting on the cushion. It was the first time ever that I didn’t need to stretch out my legs and rock my hips as I typically struggle with my tight hips. I am certain that the Walden cushion was created with meticulous thought and is the best cushion on the market.

We at The Joyful Approach now provide a custom designed cushion for you to enjoy and feel at ease at a workshop, sangha, or retreat.

Have an inside look with Eddie Cohen and his motivation behind creating Walden.


When was Walden launched?

EC: We launched Walden in early June. I’ve been working on it since January.

What inspired the launch of Walden?

EC: While working at Apple, I was looking to buy a meditation cushion but couldn’t find anything that I inspired me. All of the cushions in the market were either cheaply made in China or super expensive and frumpy looking. I wanted to design a cushion that I would feel comfortable leaving in my home.

What sets Walden apart from other cushions on the market?

EC: We wanted to build a the best possible product and brand that was in line with the spirit of a mindfulness practice. That’s why our cushion is positioned at the higher end of the market.

Our cushions are made with the best fabrics in the world right here in New York City. We spent months trying to find the right fabric–something that felt great, was sustainable, and was easy to clean. We sourced our fabrics from Maharam, the super high-end fabric company and ultimately ended up with a fabric called Scuba that has a matte texture and smooth feel. Inside, our cushion uses a proprietary combination of buckwheat hull and memory foam for an extremely supportive and comfortable seat that forms to your body.


What can the cushion be used for?

EC: I primarily use my cushion to meditate, but to be totally candid, I use my Walden cushion for much more than meditating. I use it as a floor chair when guests come over or when I want to read, as a pillow for when I want to take a nap, and sometimes even as a laptop stand.

The cushion is pretty cool because it takes up a small footprint but can be used for a variety of use cases. I leave 3-5 stacked on top of each other in my apartment (like a totem pole) and when I have friends come over, I just take them out and invite people to sit on them. My friend’s love them.

Why is it beneficial to meditate with a cushion?

EC: A meditation cushion helps with alignment–sitting up with a straight back is important for a meditation practice because it makes you more alert and makes your meditation practice more effective.

Sitting up straight on a cushion also build up your paraspinal muscles so that over time you can sit for a long amount of time without shifting or experiencing pain.

Finally, the cushion serves as a visual reminder and commitment device to build


Any exciting future projects coming?

Yes, a bunch of fun projects. We are building products that relate to sound, smell, and seating. Don’t want to reveal too much too soon!



Where can one purchase their cushion?

EC: Online at or in NYC at Bandier or Inscape.


We’re curious to learn about your personal practice and how Walden has been instrumental enhancing your practice?

EC: I meditate first thing every day for about 20 minutes. It’s help me keep a consistent practice because I’ve built it in to my routine. I wake up and meditate on my Walden Cushion. It also has transformed my practice because it’s allowed me to meet some amazing teachers in the space.


What feels most joyful at the moment?

EC: Working on something that I think is important for society. My goal is to build a brand around mindfulness and meditation that inspires people to be more present in their day to day lives.

You may purchase your cushion at Walden.US with a 10% discount using the code Joyful here