Joyful Love

It's difficult for me to put words to the effect that 1:1 Breathwork sessions with Joy has had on me...

I started Breathwork last year with joy and the environment that she creates is warm, loving, safe and is nothing but a haven for healing and for me to embrace solitude. From her soft voice, relaxing music, to the warm table with beautiful smells of essential oils and incence that clear the passageway for new energy and a heart opening environment.

She guides you through the Breathwork which takes you into a trance and opens up the chakras for emotions and energy to flow freely. Her safe space helps open up your heart to discuss areas that you feel stuck, which is the foundation for allowing change and healing.

Joy has guided me through a daily routine of creating self-awareness and has paved a way for positive changes in the patterns and relationship that I have with myself and others and creating healthy boundaries. I have seen major changes in my life already. I highly recommend Breathwork sessions, either one on one or group to those who are open to inviting change and healing in their lives. I always leave her table feeling refreshed, renewed and with an open heart.

Norma, NY

Working with Joy really put a smile on my day...

I knew everything that was said during the sessions did not leave the room and there was no judgement. We always tried finding solutions to problems and working through them. Joy made it very easy to connect and open up. The Breathwork left me feeling felt like a weight lifted off my chest and really made me feel less anxious and stressed throughout the day.


This past summer, I did two workshops with Joy…

The first one consisted of yoga, group meditation, intention setting and an introduction to the Joyful Approach. The second was a group breathwork session. Both of the workshops were informative, inspiring and very helpful to me. Joy was able to create a sense of community amongst the participants that made me feel comfortable in sharing from my heart. The breathwork session felt like a deep cleaning of my whole being. I even had a past-life vision of Joy as a high priestess supervising the healing of many people. She has a natural talent of enabling her clients to be at ease and allow their deeper soul issues to come forth. I look forward to taking more workshops with Joy and highly recommend her as a breathwork facilitator and life coach.

Eli, New York

I truly benefited to great extent from the amazing experiences during breath work with Joy...

My first session was in a beautiful group and I found the collective energy was very powerful and a very special connection between all the group members. I was blown away by the opening it has created in my body mind and spirit. I found clear answers regarding matters that were lingering in my life !

I also had some private sessions with Joy , she has a way of creating a safe space where I could surrender and not hold back , feeling her healing energies doing her magic to help my world be a better place and help others that cross my path have a positive impact as I care for them.

I feel it is a continuous journey as we all peel our layers and show our light !!!

Vicki Morav, CEO – Founder of Gallerie Aesthetique, NYC

Breath work with Joy is nothing like I have experienced…

It’s so healing. I feel more in my body and less in my head. During the sessions, I can literally feel old fear patterns releasing. In its place is a greater sense of peace and sometimes even a tingling from all the energy moving. All the while, Joy gently and intuitively guides you through this transformational experience. I’m hooked!”

Jasmine Lobe

Being part my Joyful experience was truely soul nourishing!

Expressing emotions in a calm and beautifully simple environment with people who embrace each other with comfort and trust is supreme! Learning to practice breathing with grace and ease elevated both  mind and body!

Marcy, NY

Elegant healing…

Ancient wisdom. Powerful and transforming. Thorough and soulful. This is what it is like to work with Joy. A true privilege.

Eli Dweck

Joy is wise, modest, and a facilitator for deep healing...

She is masterful at providing a non-judgemental, creative healing space so that one feels inspired to explore all facets of what it is to be human. Through her gentle breathwork guidance and genuine love, I was able to reconnect with myself, to experience my essence again. Joy is truly selfless–she will be your biggest cheerleader, and today, in a world where everyone is competing–that is invaluable.

Rose Theodora

The joyful approach retreat was at first a great girlfriend’s healthy getaway…

it turned out that this retreat became so much more for me. It helped me recognize that I was dealing with emotions that I was not even aware of. As I unveiled my feelings around some situations in my life, and addressed them in a warm-loving group setting, lead by Joy, I felt loved, accepted and not alone, the support was so heart lifting and healing. In the process I attended Joy’s breathwork workshop, her unique way of guiding it was very nurturing and impactful. As a result I came back home with more clarity, strength and gratitude. I highly recommend Joy as a facilitator, healer & leader.

Vanesa Curutchet, Founder of Vanesa Ayurveda, Montreal

I embrace my weekly Joyful Approach class as it feeds my mind, body and spirit…

while teaching me to let go and trust the sacred space Joy so wonderfully creates for her students. Joy gently sets the pace for inward self exploration, reflection and acceptance as she journeys us through setting our intentions. There are no wrong answers, only words of encouragement. There are no judgments, only quests for improvements. The Joyful approach is exactly that…..a joyful approach.

Jaqueline H

My experience with the beautiful Joy aka “the Joyful Approach” has been wonderful, healing, and enlightening to say the least…

I went on her retreat in Tulum last April and realized it was time for Me. I came back to my yoga practice which I had put on hold for too many years. Joys messages and guidelines steered me back to self love and awareness. She beautifully outlined a holistic plan for a happier and healthier life all while incorporating self love and care.

Also the young and playful girl inside of me woke up.

I also did multiple breath work sessions with joy this past summer . The feeling is indescribable! But I will try;I felt a shift in painful stuck memories and or energy.I released emotions and then I felt freer ,it was incredible. I also felt my creative mind awaken I am grateful for Joy! And I hope to continue doing this very joyful work with her.

Sophia Mishaan