The Gift’s of Mama Medicine

Mama Medicine

Entering the ethereal space of Mama Medicine will likely transmute your vibration to calm before your session has even begun. The light and airy beautifully designed space  offers a sensory experience through Palo Santo, crystals, singing bowls and thoughtfully curated detail for one to embark on their self care.

Deborah Hanekamp, aka: Mama Medicine is a seeress, an aura reader and an energy cleanser. A session with her begins with an aura reading in her heavenly space that makes you immediately feel the safety and her compassion and generosity.  She then takes you through a journey using her gift’s, inner wisdom and practice based from ancient Shamanic tradition. As you awaken recharged and renewed, Deborah  offers guidance, mindful tips  and bath ritual with an open heart.

Can you tell us about your background and when you first realized you were a Seeress? What inspired you to share your healing gifts with others?

I call myself a Seeress because I’ve always been able to see auras the energy field around people, places, animals and plants. I remember I was twelve when I realized that not everyone could see auras. Seventeen years ago, after a tumultuous early life, I began a powerful spiritual journey. This involved practices of spiritual travel, Zen and silent meditation, yoga, Ayurveda, and Reiki. I then undertook an eight year apprenticeship, traveling back and forth from the Peruvian Amazon. Eventually, I was crowned a shaman in the mestizo lineage in Peru.

However, my most powerful moment of awakening was becoming a mom. This transformation enabled me to assimilate everything I had learned. I then asked the universe “How can I be of service?” I received an unexpected, but clear, answer: I should offer Medicine Readings. These consist of one-on-one healing, group ceremonies, and retreats. They’re an integration of all the powerful work I’ve done, combined with my natural ability to see people’s auras.

The moment I said “yes” to offering Medicine Readings, I received many positive affirmations and so much healing from my work. This momentum continues today, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

What does a medicine reading with Mama Medicine look like?

A Medicine Reading is a full-sensory experience that engages the faculties of scent, sound, and feeling. They last no more than two hours and induce a trance state in the recipient. A recipient does not need to believe in anything in order to benefit from the experience (skeptics are welcome!). It’s like a massage for your spirit.

First, we sit together and I read your aura. After we’ve talked for a while, you lay on a Biomat (a bed of amethyst crystals that releases infrared rays), and I facilitate your ceremony. Finally I prescribe you a bespoke ritual bath and some spiritual homework so you can be your own healer!

Can you share on some of the shamanic assists you use with your practice?

I use crystals, sound, scents, and the calling in of ones own spirit guides and guardians in Medicine Readings to facilitate healing. Mostly it’s about me stepping out of the way and letting the work flow through me.



We love the Bath rituals you so beautifully orchestrate. Would you kindly share a favorite ritual recipe with us at The Joyful Approach?

Yes we have allies everywhere, in a dear sweet and supportive friend, in family we are born into or create, in pets we love, in artists who inspire us, in clairsentient writers of songs and poems who are communicating exactly what is in our hearts, in Great Spirit, and in Mother Nature and all of her magnificent creations.
Taking time to open and spend time embraced by these allies is such restorative Medicine. This bath contains some of my most beloved allies. I want to share them with you because I think you will find they are sweet friends to us all.

– Use fresh or dried herbs
– If you don’t have all the ingredients it’s ok to work with what you have! -If you don’t have a bathtub you can do a foot bath
– Im a very visual person and view cleaning the tub and then offering the plants to a tree as part of the ritual but you don’t want to make a mess just put the herbs in cheese cloth or a tea steeper. You can also pre make a tub tea and then add the tea to your bath.

– White pine
– Evening primrose
– Echinacea
– Nettles
– Lemon balm
– Black eyed susan
– Epsom salt
– Clear Quartz,
–  Jade crystals
– Patchouli essential oil

Cleanse aura with the smoke of dried cedar – step into bath and dunk head underwater – make a wand from the white pine and lightly tap yourself all over to awaken
Sing gratitude to your allies and sigh into the water
– Sit and soak in the powerful Medicine you’ve created .

I am so grateful for my set of Crystal Tones Bowls I was guided to by you. Can you share on the benefits of sound healing particularly with the crystal singing bowls in your own words?

Wow, Crystal Tones Singing Bowls are so magical aren’t they? First off I’d like to note that even though I’m a Seeress and have been in the healing world for almost two decades, I also carry a healthy New Yorker skepticism to a lot of what and who is out there spiritually, but when I met the man who births these bowls into being I knew I was speaking with someone very committed to living and sharing their truth. I think his bowls carry his beautiful energy along with then energy that he channels that wants to come through for us for our healing. I truly believe that the more people there are working with these bowls and sharing their medicine the better off the world will be. Sound is a vibration and we are vibrational beings so without having to “know” anything we can understand the way we feel after hearing beautiful sounds.


What is the practice you do for yourself to balance your healing with giving to others?

I live and work in NYC, but I try to be in nature as often as possible. But honestly Medicine Readings give me energy. As long as I keep my ego out of it, every time I facilitate a Medicine Reading I’m also healed, I’m also fed.

What feels most joyful in your life today?

Oh that’s easy! My sweet little family, my work and hanging out with animals.