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The Piece Collective; Los Angeles

The Piece Collective

A visit to The Piece Collective always makes my day and never leaves me walking out empty handed. Enter the sun filled, white washed cottage on Abbott Kinney in Venice to a brilliantly curated shop with assorted home collectables, jewelry, apothecary, eclectic boho fashion and carefully selected pieces from all over the world.

I love visiting and checking out whats new at TPC and also connecting with the friendly crew on latest events and ideas of  bringing Peace and light  to the LA community. Have a behind the scenes look with my inspiring interview with the founders of TPC below:

We are consciously aligned with artisans from around the world

Who are the founding owners of The Piece collective?

Leran Hadar and Marine Azria opened The Piece Collective back in 2014 on Abbot Kinney. We were actually just dating when we decided take our first of many adventures together and open a retail store. Now here we are, 5 years later with 2 stores and married.

What was the inspiration behind The Piece Collective?

Our personal aesthetic, places we love (like Tulum and Mykonos etc.) as well as Abbot Kinney itself. Abbot Kinney is as much a place to shop as it is a place to spend your day. We wanted to make a space that was as much about discovery and enjoying the moment as it was about finding something you want to buy. We want people to feel present and inspired in our stores and if you feel that then only good things come from that.


When was The Piece collective opened?

Opened in March 2014

How many locations are there at the moment and any plans for further openings?

We currently have 2 locations (Abbot Kinney and Beverly Glen). We are certainly planning to grow and therefore open more stores in the future.


I notice some of my favorite sustainable brands at TPC. How is TPC consciously aligned with a sustainable company? 

We are consciously aligned with artisans from around the world and showcasing them is very much a part of our focus and culture here so in that sense there is a lot of sustainable brands. Also, we are drawn more to brands that are making a difference in the world and marketplace!

I always feel a beautiful high vibe energy when I’m shopping at TPC .. can you tell us a bit on the magic ingredient’s and intentions formulated at TPC?

As I mentioned, we are very focused on creating a space where customers feel a sense of presence and discovery, very much the way you might feel when your on vacation or somewhere abroad looking at different artisans and pieces. We curate the space the same way we would design our home, therefore comfortably, staying away from the model of merchandising “product” to sell.

What are some favorite pieces you are loving at the moment?

We have always had a love for MQuan Studios ceramic pieces whom we’ve carried since we opened as well Natalie Martin, and Jacquie Aiche! All our brands are truly amazing, that is why we bought them! We love receiving pieces and then seeing how they effortlessly go together and flow!


We are very focused on creating a space where customers feel a sense of presence and discovery

Any spiritual adornments that you are particularly loving?

Yes, our Blesslev necklaces and keychains, that have prayers of protection in them!

Who is the The Piece Collective community and are there interactive gatherings or happenings we should know about at TPC?

We have had mediations at our shops which we love to host as well as many events happening especially at our AK shop. I would say the TPC community are people who love to travel to unique places around the world, love worldly goods that are handmade, love nature and value experiences and art over things. A new generation of hippie in a sense but with a sophisticated sensibility and cultured outlook on life.   

What feels most Joyful at TPC lately?

To see people appreciate and love what we do and get inspired by being in the space and experiencing all we create in it. It is nice to share what inspires us with others. This is the definition of art.