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The Pleasure of Softwear


At last, the perfect leisurewear is here; Softwear; a sustainable collection of timeless, affordable and comfy clothing created with exceptional craftsmanship. This might sound too good to be true, but once you  experience Softwear, you’ll be convinced and Softwear will probably become the most desired pieces of clothing you’ll want to live in. What makes Softwear so extraordinary?  It’s the feeling of their signature soft fabric you’ve never felt before, along with the cleanly designed specifications to make you look chic while remaining so comfortable all at once. As fashion forecasts are dictating that being in trend no longer requires being uncomfortable,  we can thank leisurewear like Softwear for no longer needing to be reserved for lazy days, travel, or workouts.

We love Softwear for its authenticity in advanced sustainability, and for creating a chic and enduring collection that everyone can enjoy. Get to know the founder of Softwear, Sabrina Zohar in our interview below.



Hi Sabrina We are really excited about the launch of Softwear. We’d love to get to know you and what motivated the launch. 

Who are the founders of Softwear? Can you give us a brief background on the team and how you came together?

Softwear started as a dream between my sister Jaimie and I. I have been in wholesale and fashion for over 10 years and Jaimie is a Flywheel instructor and all-around badass New Yorker. Jaimie ended up focusing on her family and career but I knew Softwear was my path. I met my business partner, Craig, through his sister, who is a close friend. Craig’s background is in manufacturing and production. He is part owner of Harp Design Co., which is featured on every episode of the HGTV hit show Fixer upper. The last piece of our pie is Dean Stattmann, who leads our PR and editorial strategy. Dean is a former Men’s Health editor with over 10 years of lifestyle magazine experience at the highest level; earlier this year Dean left MH to start his own PR agency, STAT Media PR. I handle all designs, creative, and front facing decisions, Craig ensures production and manufacturing are turning, and Dean takes care of all media. Craig and I do everything together, from appointments to fittings to packing each order by hand ourselves! 

What was the overall motivation to create Softwear? 

I never knew my place in life and never truly felt comfortable in any job I had. Last summer I was miserable at a job trying to find a way out and my mother went from having a headache to finding out she had six brain aneurisms and a 5–10% chance at a normal life. I spent two months with her and learned that her positive attitude is the reason she made it through. She had a few unsuccessful surgery attempts but in November a miracle happened and she walked out without a scratch. I started Softwear the next day. I wanted to do something where my heart and soul were invested and I could make my mama proud.

What are the ethos that Softwear stand on? 

We refuse to accept that affordable fashion has to be made unsustainably using cheap synthetic fabrics like polyester. We never use toxic chemicals and our production process uses less than half of the water per piece compared with the industry standard. By keeping production (and, well, everything) in our backyard, we are able to have full control over what we produce, reduce our carbon footprint, and support our local economy. One of our current goals is to open our own manufacturing facility and work with Habitat For Humanity. We also plan to make dog bandanas from our offcuts and donate 100% of the proceeds to local shelters. Giving back to our community is where the brand started and what matters most to us. 

How is Softwear revolutionary in its craftsmanship? 

Every aspect of the brand is intentional. We had over 40 fittings and remakes to ensure we had exactly what we envisioned. We never sacrificed anything we felt was essential. Otherwise, what’s the point? We hand-dyed every single jogger drawstring ourselves, to reduce water usage and create something special and a little more personal. We took away unnecessary details like mesh, zippers, paneling, and front pockets to avoid bulk and slim the garments down to a beautiful sophisticated fit. 

What are some of your favorite pieces from the Softwear line?

Where do I even begin? I would say the tank and pullover are my personal favorite pieces. The cut and fabric on both is impeccable and you feel like you’re safely wrapped in the comfiest, warmest blanket you have ever felt! We wanted the pieces to be young and fresh but still appropriate for all ages and walks of life. 

Can you share a bit on your personal practices for self care that have transcended  with the passion to launch of a sustainable company? 

Launching Softwear on a shoestring budget with a small team like this is incredibly challenging. It is stressful and exhausting. Anytime I felt overwhelmed I would grab one of my crystals (usually citrine or black tourmaline) and I would go to the bathroom and repeat to myself, “You are protected, you are on the right path.” Every full moon I do a ritual where I light candles, incense, and palo santo and journal my truest wishes and desires. It allows me to hone in on what I want for Softwear—and for myself—and, I believe, helps bring it to reality. That, along with blood, sweat, and tears.

What feels most JOYFUL momentarily? 

Hearing a customer, client, or buyer thank me for creating something they love to wear. Fashion has always been my creative expression and I wanted to create something universal—a blank slate for others to make their own and enjoy however they like. Making others happy and filling a genuine void is what brings me the most joy.


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