Work with me 1:1 in a 6 month sacred container

We will have a comprehensive assessment on your goals and desires

The Joyful Approach

I’m going to evaluate your personal unique design through the The Joyful Approach comprehensive assessment so that we could really understand your unique design and get you to live according to your highest potential embodying your unique authentic self.

Once we have a map to work with,

you feel a much greater knowing of yourself and we will create your practice, intentions and necessary boundaries for you to feel empowered to step into the best you. My work entails mystical downloads and a clear focus on your energy. We will have the intimate space to share in a more transparent way.

Certain things I have guidance around were not able to be shared without the intimate sacred 1:1 container with the construct of a coaching relationship. This is only for people that are 100% committed and willing to have a daily practice along with other recommendations and guidance I receive.

Together we will make your dreams come true. It will require some work to get uncomfortable in order to get comfortable and love your life., but you will relish in the rewards that will come in a surprisingly rapid momentum.

Yet you’ll have my 100% support and I’ll be holding you in space for these 6 months.

Here’s what you’ll get:

Full assessment Testing Evaluations

Exploration session of your deep desires Goals and Intentions

Guidance, recommendations, resources, and follow ups

Unlimited text and email support

We meet 3x per month for a 70 minute session. If you are in NYC you can choose to meet in person - once per month.

The exchange for 6 months is $6000 and can be paid in 3 increments if you choose.

I feel so confident in taking you to the next level of your multidimensional unlimited SELF to expand and ascend and be your 1:1 mentor. If you are ready for this leap to your best self and exciting journey and are committed to the work with me, let's get you started.

We can schedule a brief discovery call to answer any questions you might have and then we’ll get the process in motion. I’m so excited to bring you under my wing and take this journey with you!

Here are some of the works we will get you to master

from a plethora of my expertise in neuroscience, holistic education, mystical and spiritual fundamentals, indigenous practice and laws of nature:

Next level alignment techniques – tools for transformation

Creating your postures - composures of consciousness

Meditation style efficiency designed for your unique design

Frequency Optimization for your design

Training the new pathways through Neuroscience

Understanding your feminine powers

Awakening your Shakti Chakra cleansing

Be your own Energetic Technician

Deepen your intuition

Mastery Strategic thinking

Be a master at Boundary setting

Master at Knowing what your needs are

Freedom in authentic living

Dissolve the inner critic – smashing limiting beliefs

Aura secrets

Visualization techniques for manifesting your dreams

Manifestation technique

Really living with your purpose as the pilot igniting your life in every moment