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A Joyful Summer


Summer is my favorite season for many reasons. Summer evokes feelings of freedom back that harken back to my childhood. I immediately associate the summer with smells of the sea, suntan lotion, salt water taffy and the aroma that emanates from the boardwalk. Summer reminds me of swimming in the ocean for hours and pretending I was a mermaid, to riding bikes around my summer town in cut-off shorts, sporting my curly locks and sunburn, skateboarding and playing  mischievously with my brother.

I experience summer differently now but the essence continues to remain in my spirit always. Whether its spending summer nights in sultry NYC, or the freedom of running  with less clothing on. It could be entertaining at my NJ beach house, where I get to see more family and friends in a lighter environment drinking Rose’ and serving farm-to-table food, either at the pool or more casually on the beach. All of these experiences make summer a blissful time.

Vacationing in Europe this past July with my family was one of the most memorable trips I experienced in my life. There were so many priceless moments of bonding with my family, whether we were boating through the coast of Italy or on excursions in Ibiza Spain, the constant appreciation of experiencing together made each moment felt like beautiful valuable time we would remember forever.

We exchanged our intentions for the trip together and when it was my turn, I became emotional and vulnerable. My family supported me through what I was moving through and it was really nourishing to be seen by them.

This summer I am also humbled and grateful to teach more breathwork and coaching  in groups and one-on-ones. I feel grateful for and inspired by the clients who are showing up for themselves and are breaking barriers with this beautiful work.


In August, I  recently spent some time in LA reuniting with girlfriends from the Joyful retreat in Tulum. It was amazing to catch up on the progress we’ve all made since setting intentions in Tulum. I feel so blessed to have these friendships and the community we have collectively created. We catch up with one another and share what’s been hard in our lives and unconditionally support each other.


I spent time thinking about what needed shifting in my life and it was exciting to allow myself to explore these areas. I journaled it and set intentions for these to take place. So a few to mention was to find ways to move my body differently. I’ve been boxing and dancing as a result.


I also set the intention to power off my phone for one hour a day, at least (besides sleep time) to take time to feel disconnected so that I connect within. This time is usually spent outdoors experiencing nature. I set the intention to participate in relationships with more openness. This requires patience and work but I see the value as my relationships feel more intimate. I have also set the intention to listen to more Jessica Snow meditations, to create more expansion and consciousness. These mediations have opened up my creative side more and gives life a certain glow.


The thing that I realize now is that summer represents a time to feel freedom, not only externally but also from within. As we explore what freedom is for each of us,  we can give ourselves permission to let go of things that stop us from the freedom we are worthy of that begin to shape shift our lives.


I hope you all are having a beautiful joyful summer and I invite you to explore where in your lives you can create more freedom.

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