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A Juicy Life


As the start of the fall season emerged, I’ve been looking at what a more Juicy life could look like that would also bring me more joy. I’ve been writing more than ever in my journal, and creatively coming up with ideas, both fantastical and more pragmatic ones.

A juicy life is characterized by a juicy mind, body, and soul. It’s a way of being that’s infused with freshness, vitality and a deep sense of “Svasta,” the Sanskrit word for “healthy” and which translates to “being established in yourself.”


So I listed things like this:

~Learning more gives me great nourishment.. so I signed up for a few workshops over the next few months.

~Working with clients helping them heal themselves and working with them to find freedom is my greatest purpose. I am beyond excited to now have a space in Chelsea NY where I can work with clients in person with the Joyful Approach lifestyle coaching, breathwork and guiding meditation.

~I will be offering workshops, talks, and set the intention to work on a Joyful Approach Spring retreat.

~As I am mending my body back after fracturing 2 ribs, I am excited to get back to physical activity I missed, like Boxing and Strength training. I will ask my running coach Spencer Casey for a schedule again for  more structure now that I feel almost back to myself. Running with structure has always worked better for me, even when I’m not competing.

~I am also setting the intention to meet my older daughter at SLT once a week for bonding time as we can both get our workout in.

~I find that opening up with vulnerable conversation is creating relationships that feel juicy. I’m setting intentions to have these deeper more vulnerable conversations to provide more richness to my relationships.

~I am working on my ability to speak my truth more.

~Planning on weekly get together’s with my younger daughter  for bonding and laughter.

~Finding ways to dance more. I love music and moving energy with dance. My husband and I plan on attending events to dance and move to great music we both love, like deep house. This is also a great way to share in things we both are passionate about.

~Creating community. I just became a member of The Assemblage, a center for creating positive impact. I look forward to the events they’ll be offering and meeting like minded community.

The list goes on and as I’m able to see myself thriving in this life I’m curating and carving out for myself, I’m clicking my heals, feeling full in my heart and stoked about this juicy life!



What gives you juice? What makes you feel alive, fresh, supple, and full of possibility?

Spend some time reflecting on what your juicy life can look like. Infusing your life with more of what makes you, you is the secret ingredient to a bold, balanced, and blissful life.

Journaling is a powerful way to help curate idea’s creatively and yet realistically

Reflect on what would bring YOU more juice and joy.

What stops you from experiencing these things? How can you break through the  resistance that stops you from your juicy life?

Set intentions to try new things that will offer more juice and joy.

Surround yourself with supportive friends and family that support this lifestyle.

Start today!

Photos by Anton Lombardi

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