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A Peek Inside Chic Boutique Ludivine

I’ve been shopping at Ludivine since 2005 and I still own some of my first pieces that I’ve purchased since then. I categorize Boutique Ludivine as a sustainable shop since each piece is carefully chosen as non trending fashion or is classic in its style.

I’ve never regretted a single purchase at Ludivine, as I always receive honest guidance, tips on “how to wear”and the pieces go a long way!

When Ludivine came to my neighborhood, it felt  like a breath of Parisian air!  Ludivine introduced  French chic style along with a boyish edge. She was the pioneer in carrying top selling brands like Golden Goose sneakers and boots,Mason Michel hats, Jerome Dreyfus bags and brands like Vanesa Bruno and Giada Forte that were scarce in NY.

With her travels to Asia, Ludivine started to bring in more cutting edge brands to the boutique. I love her openness to global new brands. Ludivine is always a step ahead in fashion and I’m always excited to see what she’s up to next.

Get acquainted with Ludivine herself below:

Name: Ludivine Gregoire

Origin: Provence France

When was Ludivine Boutique opened? 2004

What was the intention of opening Ludivine ?: I wanted to bring a Parisian Wardrobe to NY And I wanted the clientele to experience the French view of fashion.

A little about Ludivine and your path in fashion?Before opening my store, I interned at Bottega Veneta and Armani Exchange in NY. Then I worked at Giorgio Armani in NY as well and Antik Batik in Paris. I learned so much from all my jobs and internships.

What are some of the brands you want to highlight at Ludivine at the moment?
At the moment, I admire brands that are completely different from each other but complementary in a lifestyle. I love Stand Alone and Orslow for the sportwear and relax fits. And I love Pallas and Gabriela Hearst for their chicness and details.

This amazing reversible trench coat is made by Gabriella Hearst who won the International Woolmark Prize for 2016/17, where she was praised for her technical innovation and quality craftsmanship.

Your traveling to Japan often? What is the attraction.?
I love Asia (korea and Japan)- I would even say that I have a love affair with these 2 countries. Their view of fashion is inspiring. Their fashion interpretation and approach is different from Europe and America which makes it fresh for me.

Sustainable fashion at Ludivine?
Sustainable fashion is good. Fashion is always changing and I am happy that people think more conscious and respect the environment. I am all for it.

Your lifestyle/ what does  holistic mean to you?
I incorporate holistic living through diet. I was raised in Provence with conscious awareness of eating healthy by my mom, but I learned more as I moved to the states and had digestive issues.

I would not be surprised that in a couple of years I am totally into it since I do believe that mental and social factors have a huge impact in someone’s life.


Photos by Christian Caroll


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