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A practical breakdown of the Sky overhead for the Solar Eclipse

By Rose Theodora


Eclipses are life changing and here’s why:


It’s a complete alignment of Mind + Body + Soul. The Sun functioning as your identity and your life path–what you are striving to become. The Moon as the Soul, your subconscious–an innate driving force that lives deep within your psyche, and the planet Earth–representative of your physical body. Each astral body interacting with one another in some magnetic fashion comes into a 180º alignment during an eclipse; whereby, the Moon passes between the Earth and Sun, interrupting the Sun’s light directed at the Earth for a short time, approximately 2min. + 40 seconds.


Although there is a lot of hype, eclipses aren’t so rare. We have two Solar and two Lunar eclipses each year–pinpointing where the Sun, Moon, and Earth meet in their semi–annual orbits, but what is rare is when all three come exactly into alignment. The last time that we had a total Solar Eclipse over the United States was in 1979. It was in Pisces. This one is in Leo accompanied by the planets Mars, trining (flowing) Uranus and Saturn conjoining the fixed star Regulus (known as the Kings placement, associate with archAngel Raphael, and apart of the constellation/astrology sign Leo).


In general, you can expect to feel a surge of energy, compelled to take action, and way more passionate about creating something even more worth living for in your life. This eclipse is highly charged with a Grand Fire trine–which implies that the Eclipse is action-oriented and like fire, will burn-up something in your life to make room for new and thriving experiences. Similar to the Phoenix, we sometimes need to burn out to experience the most replenishing, nutrient life force that runs through us, to fully be reborn.


There are many philosophies of what it means to be human/to exist here on Earth, but often times when we over intellectualize things (the element air) we forget that we are a part of something grander. This presents the questions, whether or not we are subject against our own will to the planetary shifts? No, we are not, so things like Mercury Retrograde, and or the Eclipses aren’t anything to fear–they’re simply huge opportunities to realign you. Our experience of the planetary shifts depends very much on our disposition and perspective. The Solar eclipse on its own is incredibly potent if you’ll consider that all of life on planet Earth is dependant upon light, this includes us. When the Moon passes in front of the Sun’s light, this stops the sunlight from reaching the Earth. When light that makes things visible is momentarily suspended during the day, our bodies respond–this isn’t an intellectual experience this is a physical and spiritual one. Imagine that if the Sun (conscious light) and Moon (subconscious light) represent two bodies of light (in Astrology we call them Luminaries) and dance a unique tango that we too are apart of, we are bound to experience some shifts in our personal lives as well.


What determines specifically how much we’ll feel this Eclipse? Depending on the planetary positions at your time of birth, and where the constellation Leo was when you were born–can tell you exactly what to anticipate. Both Mars, the Sun, and Moon will be in Leo–so this acts as a narrative for where you must grow your life and move forward confidently. Aquarius, Leo’s opposite in your natal chart represents the where pruning (or burnout) is felt and needed. Saturn in Sagittarius tells us that we are prepared and have created the structure to support this new change brewing. Uranus in Aries depicts where we feel inspired to pioneer forward, towards the future.


Several of the planets including Mercury is also retrograde, which only enhances this eclipse experience even more. When planets are retrograde their magnetic impact lessens and we grapple to compensate for its distance–this means that we get more thoughtful and internalize our experiences, and what’s wrong with that?


You should be feeling an array of things, and if you just listen to your heart (Leo) and allow inspiration to overtake you (all that fire), while consciously allowing your ideas about what needs improvement in your life (Mercury Retrograde in Virgo), then you’re likely to stay right on track. There is a saying, that in crisis we are experiencing our deepest self and it’s from that place that we are able to appreciate our truest healing gifts. When you allow fear and the unknown to take hold of you, you are missing the point; which is to allow life to flow through you and to open yourself to the array of emotional experiences that life promises.

So what about Trump, political upheaval, and international chaos–you know the important stuff…The very Eclipse is about awakening Leo within you and letting go of the shadow side of Aquarius. In layman’s terms, this means that you need to worry about yourself first and foremost before the country can find sustainable resolution. Political corruption and misuse isn’t anything new and this is all a part of the reorganizing that comes with these planetary transits. Worry about yourself and you’re sure to make more of an impact. I will add that Donald Trump is in alignment with this Eclipse exactly on his ascendant (rising sign), also on the fixed star Regulus– so things are about to get a whole lot more interesting. Remember that life unfolds according to consensus and is evident of your perspective. Change your perspective and you are likely to see a whole new world. The interesting bit about Trump is that he too was born on an Eclipse, a Lunar, yet still, an Eclipse which attests to the intensity and significance of his personality and the timing of this Eclipse.


What can you do to personally prepare for this Mega Solar Eclipse? Allow whatever feelings, good, bad, and or ugly emerge and to move through you–embrace them as this shift occurs. Meditation will help to ease heavy thoughts, and breathing is always a good idea. If things suddenly escape you, allow them to go knowing that something better is coming your way–this isn’t something small, this is something life changing, and change can feel scary because we mistakenly tend to base the future on our past–let go and surrender.



Here’s a where you’ll want to focus most during the Eclipse. Remember to read for your rising sign, based on your time of birth for astrology to work accurately. I’m offering a special Eclipse reading to see how this Eclipse personally impacts you, what your rising sign is, and or if you need additional support:

ARIES: Take a chance. Gambling spiritual is a good thing.


TAURUS: Mending your emotional needs and ties to your family while letting go of expectation.


GEMINI: Perfecting your communication if you can believe it, make it more heartfelt.


CANCER: Financial and Emotional security is important, the eclipse reveals why.


LEO: Perfecting the most authentic and heartfelt version of yourself and sharing yourself with others.


VIRGO: Spiritual development, listen to that inner voice and surrender.


LIBRA: Learning to give of yourself selflessly.


SCORPIO: Learning to receive without skepticism.


SAGITTARIUS: Doing more of what you love, more exploration–mental, physical, spiritual.


CAPRICORN: Work to be more vulnerable and open to deeper forms of intimacy–emotional and physical.


AQUARIUS: Partnerships and love. Stay open and heart-centered, while letting go of a clinical view.


PISCES: Reorganizing your life i.e. managing the practical side with more passion and reverence for time.






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