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A Spotlight on Don Saladino

The Joyful Approach proudly features Don Saladino, owner of Drive Clubs.
Don is a fitness expert and one of the most sought after trainer’s to a roster of celebrities,professional athletes, and golfers. Some of his clientele includes the likes of Scarlett Johansson, Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Hugh Jackman,  Liev Schreiber and Maggie Grace.
In our interview, it was inspiring to feel the  synergistic philosophies Don takes his clients through with a holistic and Joyful approach to  sustaining a way of life.
He stresses the importance of the multi components to a “fit” life with nutrition, recovery, sleep hydration and keeping the joy in working out.

Get to know Don and the philosophies behind the success of Drive Clubs:

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What led to your path as a personal trainer and fitness expert?

I was a collegiate athlete. I played Divison 1 baseball and served as a team captain in Junior and Senior years. I graduated from Sacred Heart university in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science.

When I left school, I had one thing on my mind at all times: TRAINING!

My mother was a big influence and encouraged me to follow my passion and do what I love.

I thought to myself “how can I make a living with this passion of mine?” So I got my first certification and began training clients at Equinox in 2000 in which I was training 150 sessions a week.

By 2005 I pursued my own practice, Drive Clubs and we now have two amazing locations.



 What is the philosophy of Drive Clubs ?

We are a boutique fitness club redefining the way you live.

Our holistic focus on lifestyle and performance offers personalized solutions that set Drive apart from any other experience. We leverage cutting edge, personalized services to optimize each factor of your physical health,.offering personalized services to optimize each factor of your physical health.

Drive strives to enforce Age defying fitness

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How is Drive aligned with a holistic approach to fitness?

 We create a sustainable plan for the client where they can still enjoy their life the way they love to, only enhancing their vitality. We look at the whole picture of their life taking into account nutrition, recovery and lifestyle.

We usually look at blood results and a saliva sample to understand the whole system we are working with.

We first offer a 6 week “reset” and ensure quantifiable change to make positive shifts and get them in the best shape of their lives.

The client is supported in an inspiring environment in group workouts with other individuals on the same path.

We offer guidance pulled from a roster of other experts globally to support the client.

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What are the components you look at when assessing a new client?

1.Muscular strength

2..Muscular endurance

3.Cardio endurance

4.Flexibility and Mobility

5.Body Composition

After I asses the new trainee I create a unique tailor made 6 week re-set program entailing exercising 3 times a week, nutritional guidance, in house cryo therapy and get them into the best shape of their lives, feeling great and still enjoying their lives.

After the 6 weeks, it’s up to the client to take their fitness into accountability and continue on a maintenance regime.

Romanian Deadlift

What is a 30 minute Ideal workout?

Warming up for 10 minutes with foam rolling and dynamic movement

Foam rolling is where we get the tissue warm, loose and prepared for activity.

Foam roll for 5 minutes.

Reactive Warm-Up for 5 minutes.

The reactive warmup is how we get the heart rate elevated while establishing athleticism into the body. For those who are unfamiliar with this type of training, start slow.

Skips, 10 yards
High Knees, 10 yards
Carioca, 10 yards

Jump -throw -carry

This can also be considered as a full-body workout. The purpose of this is to develop your body’s strength and overall preparedness for all sport activity and life.

1 round jumping : jumping jacks

1 round throw /medicine ball  :slams

1 round carry /weight .:kettle bell carry and walk

2-3 sets/ 8-10 reps of Hip dominant  movement

Examples: Goblet Squat  or Romanian Deadlift

2-3 sets /8-10 reps : Upper body push pull Strength Series:

Examples :Push ups/ Pull ups

Last finish with 5 minutes of a metabolic sprint:

Hill sprints / Bike sprints

KB Overhead 

 What can you recommend for those traveling on a business trip  or limited time and don’t have access to a gym?

 I run  into this all the time, you’re still able to get a great workout with these limitations.

Set timer for 10 minutes:

10 bodysquats

5-10 reps of pushups (depending on ability)

Slide Plank 10-30 seconds each side (depending on ability)

Keep repeating this circuit without rest for 10 minutes.

What are some exciting projects you are working on?

In a few weeks anyone will be able to work out with Drive on an online program interacting with trainers with a custom program for only 10 dollars a month receiving daily videos

To find out more go to Drive Clubs


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