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A Vision Board with Alice Chera

Creating a Vision Board with Alice Chera Life Coach

I have different version’s of Dream Board’s or Vision Board’s I’ve created  throughout my years with coaching  however, when I heard about Alice’s methods in creating a Vision Board I was very eager and excited to create one with her.

She came over on a chilly fall morning and we began the process with a beautiful meditation that Alice guided me through. She then instructed to start cutting images or motivating text out of magazines that appealed to me. She advised to avoid thinking too much about my choices and allowing the subconscious mind to do its work.

We listened to music,  and chatted as we exchanged magazines and suddenly I was feeling really excited about the images that were in front of me.

Once my images and words were glued down, my Vision Board truly represented me and the passionate aspects of  life I wish to invite in .

I’ve kept my  board out next to my bed where it was visible daily for a few weeks, and just recently I stored it under my bed as Alice suggested.


Here is how Alice explains what a wonderful tool the Vision Board is:

A Vision board is a visual representation of what you wish to create in your life. It’s a fun and creative way to connect deeply with your innermost self and put out to the Universe your heart’s desires. Everybody is born with a unique set of skills, values, and sense of purpose.  How often do you ask yourself: What is it that I want for my life? What brings me alive? What matters to me most? Creating a Vision board is a powerful way to gain clarity on your goals and ignite the process of making them a reality.
A Vision board can be made alone or with a group of friends. Start by setting aside magazines, catalogs and newspaper. Begin by going through what you have collected and cut out images and words that fit your Vision. Once you have accumulated a nice supply of what you need, begin pasting the images on your board.

Now, you may not have a clear Vision for yourself. That’s fine, too. Vision boarding can be a tool to uncover and discover your passion and purpose or parts of yourself that don’t always get attention. All you have to do is relax, have fun and see which words and photos you call out to you. A Vision board can be comprised of anything! From painting a picture, to a new career or a house by the sea- everything and anything can go on your board!


By Alice Chera

Photos in this story by June Kim

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