About JFA

Offering tools for transformation and evolution through a life system cultivated with spiritual and holistic principles to come into joyful alignment.

The Joyful Approach Circle of Life

About The Joyful Approach

The Joyful Approach is a methodology that addresses the components of holistic lifestyle and spiritual evolution, offering tools for transformation that bring us to the states of joy, freedom, and love, a place where we get to celebrate the cornucopia of our lives.

The Joyful Approach is a holistic lifestyle that supports joyful alignment of the whole self. Together, we look for and address imbalances that are disrupting your life flow, layer by layer, to bring you to a state of ease and joy.

First, we focus on the areas that can have an immediate impact on your life: sleep, hydration, nutrition, breathing, thinking, and movement. As your experience of wellness, vitality, and joy begins to increase, we will then focus on self-love, authenticity, boundary-setting, motivating intentions, core values, and daily practice. These are the deeper layers of your emotional life that help support your long-term experience of joy, freedom, and love.

This isn’t a rigid lifestyle. Rather, it’s a way of awakening to a deeper experience of yourself, realizing the answers are already inside of you, and learning the tools you need to support alignment and joy on an ongoing basis.

When we stay open to new possibilities, and we allow through the universe, magic happens.

The Joyful Approach Life System

We are all unique diverse humans each in our own beautiful way.. And yet, along the path of our lives, we might begin to fall away from realizing our AMAZINGNESS and begin to get curious about what a shift in our life could look like; another way; another possibility. Because what I have found is.. there is no perfect one way and when we can stay open to new possibilities… Magic can happen.Emotions of feeling lost, sadness, anxiety, emptiness, loss of vitality and creativity serve as the catalyst signaling our conscious mind to seek some kind of change.

The Joyful Approach is a methodology creating a wellness and vitality in oneself so one can wake up to a deeper experience of themselves. A session with me provides a safe place for meeting you where you’re at, with deep listening, empathy and compassion. We begin to unravel layer by layer what’s disrupted your life flow.  We begin with intuitive talk getting a feel for what’s on your heart and what your soul is most desiring to call in for optimality in your life.. I offer the space for you to explore which area’s need clearing and what intentions can bring you into joyful alignment. I offer new strategies or perspectives based on my expertise in holistic lifestyle coaching as well as manifestation guidance and resources for you to take away.

We then move into Alchemical Breathwork serving as the vehicle for potent healing to uncover the unconscious material; old stories, limiting beliefs, primal destructive patterns. The stuck emotions that have become embedded inside the body.

Through this active meditation, we begin to release stagnant energy as we allow for more clarity freedom love, joy and truth. I use essential oils corresponding to the Chakra’s, evocative music, Reiki, an Amethyst crystal Bio Mat providing infra red ions, crystal’s and somatic experiencing throughout for amplifying the healing. Breathwork allows you to access deeper levels of awareness and dive deeper into your true self. The active breath allows for clearing of the energy field of old emotions, conditioning, traumas and can change old patterns, habits, and ways of thinking. You may experience physical sensations, moving intense feelings, emotional release, waves of pleasure, and perhaps colorful visions. After the active meditation, you will transcend into a restorative state of healing as I provide a melting sound bath to harmonize the physiological body, nervous system and balance the chakra’s. You will leave feeling more connected to your authentic self. You’ll most likely feel lighter and renewed, having cleared the debris of what was holding you back.

You may receive answers, clarity, new realized creative possibilities with a lens of love and an open heart. I leave room for sharing, questions and guidance and support with integration after the session.

I come to you for a reassuring caring and sincere guidance and healing. I come to you for your pure intention and selflessness and devotion to help others through pain suffering and stress. I come to you to elevate and raise me through my very own internal power to vibrate and function on the highest of levels. Joy your powerful healing abilities are truly unique and undeniably effective. I am honored and blessed to know you.

Eli D