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An inside look into the world of Elisabeth Bell Jewelry

With  my eternal quest for beautiful jewelry that feels spiritual, I am excited to share the magic of Elisabeth Bell Jewelry. Elisabeth creates beautiful pieces inspired by ancient jewelry also derived from her fascination with nature and spirit animals. She designs intricate ethereal  pieces using exquisite precious stones, and carves gold alloys into symbols of spirit animals as part of her  design. As a nature lover myself and a collector of crystals and stones, I feel blessed to have found Elisabeth’s collection for their beauty and sacred meaning. Its no wonder she has a roster of celebrity fans adorning her pieces from the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Rosie Huntington, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock Kate Hudson and many more.  Get to know the wonderful Elisabeth Bell and an inside look behind her creations in my interview with her below.



Can you share a bit on your background and how the Elizabeth Bell brand was born? 

I grew up in Salisbury, Connecticut, a small town about two hours from New York City. Our property backed the Appalachian Trail so I was always out exploring and seeing what I could find. I used to chisel garnets out of a giant boulder in my backyard, and there was a Native American cave on our property where you could find arrowheads scattered about. I would often string these found objects into necklaces or bracelets and turn them into gifts for my friends.

After college I was modeling in New York City with Wilhemina and then Ford Models. On a free day I wandered up to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have the most amazing collection of ancient jewelry. I was inspired by the intricate detail and beautifully worn stones that were set into these incredible pieces of jewelry. I wanted to learn how to make them myself. I signed up to take a metal smithing class at the Jewelry and Arts Institute. As fate would have it the founder, Bessie Jamison, was actually responsible for creating the replicas for the Museum of Art store. I loved learning how to weave chains, solder, and set stones.

From then on jewelry making evolved naturally for me. I moved to California to be with my husband. We would be out for a walk on the beach or on a hike and I would collect sea shells and other natural objects. I loved the details in the objects and decided they would look lovely cast in solid gold and that is how I began my collection. Finding unique objects, casting them in solid gold and setting them with diamonds.


I’m in love with the stones and gems you use in your creations. Were they intended to use for healing and where are they mostly sourced from? 

Yes, they are! My favorites at the moment are turquoise and toumaline. They are so beautiful and tuquoise offers personal protection and pink toumaline promotes joy and love ( I use alot of the pink). I source mainly at gem shows (Denver, Tuscon) but there is a pink tourmaline mine in SOCal that im hoping to get to. Ive hunted for geodes and fire agate in the desert, but not tourmaline. That sounds amazing.

Can you share your process on incorporating nature into your jewelry making? 

I find natural objects and use them as a design base for my jewelry concepts. For example, my new willow collar came from a branch that I found while looking for inspiration at Descanso Gardens.


What do you hope to inspire with your beautiful creations? 

I just love being able to preserve fragments of nature in jewelry. I hope my pieces make people smile and bring them joy.



What does a joyful day in your life look like? 

A walk through the woods with my husband and daughter seeing what I can source for my jewlery and being inspired by the beauty and grandness of this gift, Mother Earth.

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