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Angel Cantu Reiki Master

I began having Reiki treatment years ago, when I was suffering from Chronic and Adrenal Fatigue syndrome and felt like I was depleted from my energy in entirety. Reiki was very helpful in revitalizing and rebalancing me so I continued to incorporate Reiki treatments for self care ever since.

Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Energy. Reiki is actually spiritually guided life force energy. It is a hands-on healing technique that balances, realigns energy, and activates your own healing powers. It reduces stress, increases energy and focus, and enhances creativity.

My introduction to Angel Cantu was a blessing and a gift. Angel is a beautiful and gifted healer and light worker. When I’m in LA, I see Angel for Reiki healing and am always full with gratitude for our session’s.




After my  treatment with Angel I  feel a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around me. I feel lighter, and my body, emotions, and mind feel balanced with  spirit. I feel grounded, peaceful relaxed and more connected to spirit.


Angel is also a Bhakti Yoga Teacher at Bhakti Yoga Shala which is a sanctuary for my practice whenever I am in LA.  Angel offers restorative and flow with devotional  practice in a loving atmosphere.

Get to know this true”angel”,and  if you’re looking for a beautiful Reiki or Yoga experience contact Angel or see her at Bhakti Yoga Shala.



Name:Angel Marie Cantu

Profession:Reiki Master Teacher & Bhakti Yoga Instructor

Where are you teaching and practicing?

I teach Yoga Flow and Restorative Reiki at the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica and Meditation at the Jonathan Club in downtown Los Angeles. I see Reiki clients privately in their homes and offices and also hold private and group Reiki Attunements, or the transfer of Reiki energy to the student for their own practice with Self and others.

How did you get to becoming a Yoga instructor and Reiki healer?

I was first introduced to yoga as a physical practice but quickly found that yoga was healing my heart as well as my body. I had struggled with anxiety and depression for years and found that as my practice deepened my heart became more light. My personal yoga practice paralleled eleven years of education and experience working as a researcher in the field of early childhood trauma; during that time I felt disheartened by the deficit based perspective surrounding the work, I wanted to turn the word 'victim' into 'survivor,' to help people to understand they are not broken but brilliant, not shattered but primed to shine as the sun.

As I struggled with the decision to leave my career I was experiencing my own trauma through multiple health issues, hospitalizations and the end of my marriage. All the while my yoga practice held me gently tethered to the earth, nourishing and mending my heart.

These experiences together led me to pursue a new way of working with others, of walking the healing path hand and hand through living yoga.

Can you tell us about your training with both Yoga and Reiki?

My path was illuminated after an extended trip to Bali, where I felt a deep inspiration in the devotional spirit of the people. When I returned I received the blessing of meeting my Reiki Master, Aimee Bello, who has helped me to realize the innate healing capacity held within each of us. I learned that in my desire to help others I had been sharing and draining my own energy. Reiki supported me in changing the way I share and what it is I share. Shortly after my first Reiki Attunement, I found my yoga home and teacher Govind Das at the Bhakti Yoga Shala in Santa Monica. Bhakti is the yoga of Devotional Love, a remembrance of the Beloved living within each being and a dedication to being of Service to others.

After receiving the Reiki Master Teacher Attunement, I created Restorative Reiki Flow, a practice marrying the breath with gentle movement in the body to support release of old stories, traumas and dis-ease held deep within, to create space that we might step into a new vibration of love in grounded intention.


How would you describe Reiki to someone who never heard of Reiki?

Reiki, or 'Universal Energy,' is a Japanese energy healing technique benefiting dis-ease of the physical body as well as the mind and the heart. In this modality, the practitioner acts as a channel through which Source energy might flow through and to that which is in need of clearing and uplifting. We've all experienced the feeling of being near someone with very low,negative energy – the way it can shift our own feeling of well being in an instant. Now think back to a moment you were near someone who instilled a feeling of calm with their presence, the feeling of being held and being seen and loved simply for being. Reiki is the sharing of abundant love and healing from Source energy, the loving presence that is always ours to receive, the well of support and love that is infinite and pure.

Recent research on the benefits of Reiki suggest emotional as well as physical benefits,including impact on stress hormones, blood pressure, immune response, pain, recovery after surgery, anxiety and depression. Further research is needed to explain how and why, but support is growing, with some hospitals in the US including Reiki practitioners on staff and several insurance providers including Reiki therapy as a benefit.

What can someone expect in a session with you?

I begin each session with a guided meditation and visualization, followed by gentle touch in any area of the body that is calling to my attention. Often I will receive messages in the form of sensations within my own body or as images in my mind. Each session is a bit different,as the messages one might need to receive are changing even as we change from day to day.

I call to Source, to our angels and guides, ascended masters and animal totems, to support and deliver abundant love to any area of the body, mind and soul most in need of clearing and healing. My clients describe a womb-like feeling in their sessions, a feeling of peace and calm, sometimes a feeling of gentle electricity and of warmth from my hands through their body, and a sustained period of balance, clarity and internal stillness. Some clients have reported an ease in physical symptoms of pain and illness, as well.

In a Reiki Attunement, the student receives the transfer of amplified Reiki energy for use with Self at the first level, and with others at the second level. With regular practice of the Reiki symbols, clients report a shifting of the physical body toward a greater sense of health as well as a shifting of the emotional and mind body toward balance and greater compassion.

Attunements are often accompanied by great transitions, as the Reiki energy supports the clearing of past wounds and traumas, opening a path toward a wider understanding of purpose met with intention.


How do you maintain your connection to the Source energy?

The key to practicing Reiki with others is to first and foremost have a personal practice of self-healing. With Reiki I've opened to infinite well of light available from Source. When we act as a channel for this energy we can never be emptied, we actually become more energized through the sharing of energy, as this light is filling us even as it comes through us. My practices of yoga, meditation and kirtan help me to maintain clarity within my mind, body and heart that I might be a clear channel through which Source energy can flow to others.

What has been your greatest joy in assisting people through your Reiki?

Witnessing the moment a student recognizes their divine capacity to heal their own body, their own heart. I believe that you are your own best healer, that deep down within you hold the wisdom and only you can make the choice to walk the path of the highest expression of your Self.

Does a person’s openness or attitude influence their treatment with Reiki?

Reiki will flow to any area of the body, mind, heart most desiring healing and clearing. I feel that this energy can flow to you regardless of attitude toward Reiki, however the moment to moment decisions to release old patterns, thoughts and behaviors will determine the long-term benefit of the session.

If you could impart three important life lessons to others on their spiritual path, what would they be and why?

The breath is our most beautiful teacher; she reminds us that without the exhale we have no space for an inhale – we must make space in order to create a new feeling, a new way of being in this world. We also are reminded that we must thank the last breath, for it has brought us to this breath, to this moment pulsing with creative potential. So as you set intention to move into a new story, first thank the old tape on repeat in your mind – it has brought you to read these words in this moment, to this practice – say thank you and farewell, go in peace. The old story has no place here. Exhale, release, and open to the new breath, a new moment, new friends and new habits, to a story of healing and abundance of all things good.

When you are clear, the path becomes clear. Consider how you most desire to feel – not the who, what, where – rather, how you wish to feel in your heart, your body, your mind.

Imagine you’re crawling into bed at night, a smile crosses your lips – what are you most grateful to have felt in your day? Holding an attitude of gratitude attracts more of that which to be grateful for. Practice each morning setting intention for how you most hope to feel through your day, and offer gratitude as if it is already so. As you hold this vibration within your being you send a signal to the universe to attract more of this feeling. Allow this feeling to come to you in any way the universe seeks to deliver it to you.

Bring to mind your most beloved. A person you love more than you knew love was possible. Imagine the gentle and loving way you might speak to your beloved. Imagine preparing a meal for your beloved, the way you might serve them. Imagine preparing your home for them, the way you would tuck them in at night. Imagine how you would move mountains so that this person could be in complete health and happiness. I invite you to practice moving through your day realizing you are the most beloved of all. To speak to yourself as if speaking to your beloved. To prepare your space and your life for your Self, your beloved.

To move mountains for your own health and happiness. For the way we speak to ourselves,treat ourselves, becomes second nature as we move through the world. And in loving your Self, you are sharing abundant love with all.

The earth holds wisdom, the trees know, they dig deep and wide for the purity held inside. The heavens hold nourishment, the trees know, their branches reach and crawl toward the light and the rainfall alike. I see you, like the trees, I know your strength lies just beneath the surface and that in your bending you're simply reaching for the light.

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Photos in this story by June Kim

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