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“I realized Sarah was struggling with a serious injury that had her sidelined from running unfortunately and wasn’t sure if she’d return to running after the surgery she underwent. Fast forward after a tumultuous journey that in turn awakened her to enlightenment not only in running but all area’s of her life, Sarah just qualified for the Olympic trials at the California International Marathon with an impressive time… Her story leading up to her race is riveting and a true testament to strength will grace, and most definitely the power of the mind body spirit connection”
A Joyful Hero; Sarah Cummings is Back on Course

I recently met one of the founder’s of Receptra ( , an all natural Hemp CBD Oil 100% grown in Colorado. They’ve created three specific formula ’s for athletes for optimal performance and recovery and so I was drawn immediately and stoked to try them. These CBD’s are a wonderful enhancer to promote better performance and are so helpful with recovery. They’re made with a few of my favorite ingredients (turmeric, and MCT oil) and also have a delicious subtle berry taste. I’m loving Natural’s ( Receptra and I think you will too. Check out my interview below and get to know about these products for you in all area’s of lifestyle, and for your family and your pets too!

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CBD’s for Optimal Lifestyle; Receptra Naturals


If you look through magazine editorial’s, you’ll find trending themes of incorporating juxtaposition in fashion by wearing items that would normally clash, but when they’re put together in the right way seem to just work… Personally, I love to push the boundaries with my outfits that express my personality and different archetypes. I find the process fun and creative and it expresses my personal expression that feels more unique to who I am.
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Juxtaposing Fashion for more Joy
A Plethora of Healing; Fausta Tamburino
“Fausta has a background in training for over 30 years in many lineages and devoted Masters in both yoga and Taoist traditions. Her private NYC based practice offers a myriad of modalities in healing including the ancient wisdom of acupuncture, yoga, Taoist healing arts, nutrition, essential oil therapy, and flower essences to create a holistic, comprehensive and integrative approach to each person’s unique path.”
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Goals with Soul for 2019 ~ The Desire Map Daily Planner

For my first post of the New Year, I wanted to share something that has been profoundly instrumental with my process and daily practice; The Desire Map daily planner. The planner was created by Danielle Laporte, author of The Desire Map. Danielle LaPorte runs one of the top 100 blogs in the world for women, where she educates people about spirituality, entrepreneurship and personal growth. She’s one of my favorites go to spiritual gurus for a myriad of reasons.

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The Morning Ritual of Designer Rita Ghanime

“My Morning Routine feels like this…
I wake up at 6 am, flick on my set of pink Christmas lights that stay in my room all year round. It feels like love and my room glows! I turn on a mantra (now listening to one by Guru Sing ‘Ong So Hung’) to permeate my room in its vibration. I light a candle and maybe some incense on my beside alter, then wash my face- I love Recherche Beaute cashmere cream wash. I then set my tea kettle on and wait to fill my favorite Yogi Green Tea Antioxidant in an oversized mug. This whole prep process takes about 15 minutes and it’s my ritualistic prelude to my meditation.”
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“While the grip of stress and anxiety can feel crushing — both mentally and even physically — we are not powerless to it.
In fact, simply being more mindful of our stressors can help us overcome them.”



In my article with, I go over my TOP NINE ways to conquer stress with mindfulness.
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– Practice Forgiveness:

Forgive yourself and others and release the past. Those you don’t forgive will be energetically bound to you and keep you in your lower self, the ego. So let all past pain and hurt go.

– Practice Gratitude:

Use healing practices to clear anything that might be blocking your connection to your Higher Self. When joy and gratitude and creative energy fill your heart, that is, when you feel good, your alignment with Spirit is healthy and strong.

– Recognize and remove any limiting beliefs:

We all pick up limiting beliefs somewhere; the false beliefs along our journey that keep us from being our best. These limiting beliefs can even cause you pain and suffering. Try to look at all the things you believe in and find out why you have that belief.

– Build Positive Momentum:

Building positive momentum is very essential on the spiritual path. Focus every day on one positive momentum step you would like to work on and commit to it throughout your day. Use powerful resonant mantra’s and recite them daily.

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