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Consider this session an immersion for transformation~
This work will allow you to journey and meet your soul through an intimate sacred connection for more self realization. Get to know the deeper layers of the self in a safe supportive setting, and access your core desires for a purposeful life.

Experience the healing vibrational frequencies of sound to restore your system and optimize the wellbeing of your mind, body and soul. Through a melting sound bath and guided meditation you will begin to feel the transformation of any stresses melting away and might receive answers creativity new possibilities and or deep restorative healing.

Design your own group

Healing in a group can be very profound for your healing and nourishing for the soul in connected community. Supporting one another in open discovery and exploration is a true gift that we can provide for one another and create stronger community and connection while deepening layers of healing. Typically these are weekly or bi weekly in an intimate setting. We begin with open discussion, setting intentions and sharing new ideas and thoughts, tips and takeaways followed by Breathwork and Sound healing. Please email me at

 Learn to Meditate

A practice that helps you calmly balance your physical & emotional being is essential in this day and age. These guided meditation sessions are designed to help you reduce anxiety, stress, regain focus, promote emotional health, lengthen attention span, enhance self awareness, improve sleep, lower blood pressure and so much more!

Learn to meditate so that you can instantly use the gift of breathing anywhere. We will explore and personalize tools intended to help you calmly energize yourself using techniques and strategies that you’ll have handy and you can consider your very own vitality toolbox.. Briefly, my method for teaching meditation practice is simple and straight forward with focus on a specific efficient breath exercise with the intent to pull all our physical and mental focus to a central point, helping to distract the noise around you and busy brain.

The initial session is a bit longer explaining the science behind meditation, exploring your needs followed by guidance in a comfortable safe setting.

Follow up sessions are shorter for those that struggle with meditating on their own or are looking to create momentum with meditation in a place to center their body mind, raising self awareness, with a guide.


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while teaching me to let go and trust the sacred space Joy so wonderfully creates for her students. Joy gently sets the pace for inward self exploration, reflection and acceptance as she journeys us through setting our intentions. There are no wrong answers, only words of encouragement. There are no judgments, only quests for improvements. The Joyful approach is exactly that…..a joyful approach.”

Jaqueline H