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One of the wonderful things that came from my endless journey of being the seeker that I am, was finding Breathwork.  It was a year and a half ago when I was headed to LA to spend a week there with an agenda that ranged from running the LA marathon, meeting with my web developer to launch the Joyful Approach site, meetings with my  life coach, a meditation workshop, and Reiki healing, amongst more inner work.
When I travel to LA, I create self designed retreats for myself to immerse in different modalities of healing and soul work.

As I was planning my trip to LA  back then, I was immersed in an online retreat and something about a“Breathwork”workshop  was also posted on the facilitator’s Facebook page caught my eye. It just so happened that the Breathwork teacher was based out of LA, so I made an appointment to go see her. I had no idea what to expect and I hadn’t a clue what Breathwork was about, but I was curious. My teacher Michelle D’avella was welcoming and nurturing as she explained the process and held space for me to have the most profound and transformative experience. It was cathartic, healing, liberating and when I was done, my heart felt wide open. I had weekly  sessions with Michelle for another 7 months and still continued on my own after.
Breathwork is part of my practice. I try and get a session in weekly or as I feel I need it.


Since I feel so strong about the benefits of Breathwork, I have felt the purpose to also teach Breathwork and share this healing modality. I’ve been taking workshops to get certified in this work throughout the year both in NY and LA with my teachers Erin Telford and David Elliot.

Breathwork is an active meditation to heal parts of ourselves that we are holding on to.

We have old stories, limiting beliefs, patterns that we keep repeating, stuck emotions and traumas stuck in our lower chakra’s.  Breathwork or this Pranayama is a two part breath starting from inhaling from the belly then the chest and then exhaling through the mouth.

It heals, and it scrapes up old wounds and energetic traffic jams in our bodies and then opens the heart for love,freedom and new creative possibilities.

I facilitate one on one sessions where my client’s feel safe and know I provide a sacred space for them to have a profound unique experience. We begin with a talk for approximately 15 minutes of what’s on their heart’s, what they feel they want to let go of or anything else they want to work on in the session. We then go into a 35-40 minute session of active breathing on  a table. I use my tools, music,crystals and ocean rocks, incense to clear energies, and essential oils and mantra’s to activate the healing. I give the client time for relaxation after to come back after the activated breathing.


Each experience is different for each person and it’s different from time to time. Its normal to feel tingly and vibration through the body. This is the energy and spirit being moved.

I almost always witness my clients looking radiant and glowy after a session. I often get responses after that they feel so much more open to love,euphoric and free and they’ve let go of anger or found answers they were looking for.

I also facilitate group sessions. I have found that breathing in a group has great benefits as we open up in a circle, set intentions and the energy shared in a collective group is powerful.

To schedule an appointment with me please contact me at  and look out for my posted  group events on The Joyful Approach and Instagram

Photos by Christian Caroll

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