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CBD’s for Optimal Lifestyle;Receptra Naturals

I’ve written about CBD’s on TJA a while back when they were first trending. By now CBD’s are everywhere and because of its popularity, the number of CBD brands has exploded in the last year or two. You can find CBD’s in everything from chocolates to self care products such as bath salts and lip balm, to your facial moisturizer.  CBD, short for cannabidiol, is one of the main compounds found in the cannabis plant, which includes both marijuana and hemp and is making waves for its many beneficial properties that you can take advantage of without the intoxicating effects of the other well-known cannabinoid THC.

I recently met one of the founder’s of Receptra Natural’s, an all natural Hemp CBD Oil  100% grown in Colorado. They’ve created three specific formula’s  for athletes for optimal performance and recovery and so I was drawn immediately and stoked to try them. These CBD’s are a wonderful enhancer to promote better performance and are so helpful with recovery. They’re made with a few of  my favorite ingredients (tumeric, and MCT oil) and also have a delicious subtle berry taste. I’m loving Receptra and I think you will too. Check out my interview below and get to know about these products for you in all area’s of lifestyle, and  for your family and your pets too!

What was the driving force behind launching Receptra?

The driving force behind launching Receptra was two-fold. First, we
vehemently believe that CBD has the potential to solve many of the
health issues that we all face throughout our lives. Despite the
questionable legal and efficacy related challenges posed by our
government and media, we saw first hand, the positive results that CBD
afforded countless individuals throughout the world and decided to
push on regardless of the uncertain future of our industry. Plainly put-
we knew we could help our global communities through CBD, and if we
positively impacted just one life during Receptra’s existence, that would
be a win, no matter what the government or media had to say.

Secondly, we sought to bridge the gap between CBD’s popular use in
critically ill communities and its use as a natural performance enhancer
in our day to day lives. CBD’s benefits go far beyond solving medical
crisis and illnesses, it is actually very beneficial to anyone that is seeking
to improve their health and wellness. Our intent from a products
standpoint was to broaden the appeal of CBD in order to build a
healthier and more empowered community defined by their individual
“active lifestyles”.

For some that aren’t aware of what CBD’s are, can you explain?

CBD is the abbreviation for the word “cannabidiol” and it is one of over
100 cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This non-psychoactive
cannabinoid is known for its positive effects on both the body and mind.
Cannabinoids, including CBD, were patented by the United States Gov’t
as antioxidants and neuroprotectants in 2003.
Every vertebrate has a natural system designed to interact with CBD and
other cannabinoids. This is called the Endocannabinoid System and it is
essential to life just like the nervous system or respiratory system- in
fact, as the largest regulatory system in our bodies, the endocannabinoid
system regulates the function of all of our other systems…including the
central nervous system, digestive system, immune system, and others.
CBD impacts the body and mind by helping to restore and maintain
balance (homeostasis), which has tangible benefits for optimal health
and wellness.

Who are the founders of Receptra Naturals?

In 2016, Rusty Scott and his son Russ Scott founded Receptra Naturals
alongside Jim Scott, Lane Radbill, F Poff, Ryan Kingsbury, Chris
Whaley, and Allison Taylor. Rusty and Russ spent their entire lives living
in Colorado and witnessed first hand the emergence of today’s cannabis
industry. Rusty and Russ separately experienced the amazing
therapeutic benefits of the hemp plant and CBD. It was their personal
experience that drove them to assemble their team and found Receptra
At the time of Receptra’s inception, the landscape of the CBD industry
was heavily focused on providing products for the critically ill and those
with medical conditions that traditional medicine just couldn’t effectively
address. The founders of Receptra Naturals believed that CBD had the
potential to positively impact people from all walks of life, and set out to
create products that would not only improve the quality of life for the
critically ill, but also those who were looking to improve their health and
wellness through improvements to their active lifestyle.

What are the general benefits of Receptra CBD’s?

The benefits of Receptra’s CBD products range from improving daily
wellness to helping to foster a more active lifestyle that ultimately
benefits overall health and wellness. As an antioxidant, CBD is pivotal in helping to reduce “life induced inflammation”. We say “life induced”, because whether you are exercising 7 days a week, or relaxing by the pool on vacation, your body is inundated with toxins that cause inflammation– there is really no escaping it. Research is showing that inflammation is one of the main causes for many health complications, so we believe our products are the perfect proactive approach to avoiding any of those potential life challenges. Additionally, hemp produces Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids in the perfect ratio 1:1 for
human digestion. We know that essential fatty acids are not naturally produced in our bodies, so we must find external sources to supplement this. Additionally, many Western diets are deficient in Omega-3 fatty acids with excessive amounts of omega-6 fatty acids which can lead to health challenges. So, our products are an excellent way to get that perfect ratio of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and 6.

We also find that Receptra’s CBD products are ideal for helping people to recover from mentally and physically demanding activities. A lot of this has to do with inflammation (on the physical level), but on the mental level, CBD is a neuroprotectant and can help encourage brain health as well as focus and longevity. Additionally, our products are helpful in providing a calming effect that is beneficial for reducing the effects of life’s stressors. Ultimately, our products are designed to help each person overcome daily challenges so they can feel better and begin healthy routines, or just to compliment their existing healthy routines.

What are the ingredients in Recptra CBD’s that make this product
so unique?

The flower of the hemp plant contains the most effective and highest
quality cannabinoids. All of Receptra’s full spectrum CBD oil is extracted
from premium organically farmed Colorado hemp flower. None of the
less potent, or effective parts such as seeds, stems or stalks are used to
make our CBD products.

We use thoughtfully-chosen carrier oils that enhance the bioavailability
of the CBD. MCT oil is one carrier oil found in our tincture products and it
hosts numerous benefits on its own. Our Active Lifestyle line has the
added benefit of turmeric which is known to help decrease inflammation
and improve cognitive functioning. In addition to using the highest quality parts of our organically grown hemp for our formulations, we also use 7 variations of our proprietary
origin genetic to create our products. This allows us to provide a “Full spectrum- full spectrum” in our products. Each of our endocannabinoid systems is stimulated by cannabinoids, but in some cases we witnessed full spectrum products that just didn’t work for the consumer. By introducing 7 different full spectrum profiles into our formulations, we believe that we have increased the chances that our products will speak
to an individuals unique needs. Each natural and organic ingredient in our CBD products is purposefully included to enhance CBD’s natural ability to create balance within our bodies.

I was mostly intrigued by Receptra’s CBD for Athletes? How would these CBD products improve performance and recovery and what is the suggested guidance you can provide with usage?

We have three different concentrations in our Active Lifestyle product
line; Active 15mg of CBD, Elite 30mg of CBD, and Pro 60mg of CBD.
The difference between each of these is the amount of CBD and
Turmeric they each contain. The more active a person is, the faster their
metabolism, thus the greater the need for an increased amount of CBD
in their system(s). Each of these products also contains turmeric which
has been heavily researched for its benefits in reducing inflammation.

Our Active Lifestyle line is used by everyone from the casual gym-goer
to professional athletes at the highest level in their respective sports.
Depending on your activity level, we recommend taking one serving (one
to two full droppers) in the morning and a larger serving in the evening
before bed. Some of our Active Lifestyle customers also use the product
before or after a workout. The drops are meant to be taken sublingually
(held underneath the tongue) for maximum effectiveness.
Each of these products is designed to help not just athletes, but anyone
with an active lifestyle, to reduce recovery times, improve focus, and
ultimately achieve better results in their area of focus. For recovery, the
Receptra Pro is ideal for combating exercised induced inflammation, as
it is the most concentrated product we offer. For someone new to CBD,
the Active or Elite is a perfect place to start. These products, as well as
the Pro, will certainly improve focus and endurance throughout a
workout or work day.
Interestingly enough, some of the pro athletes that work with us use the
Pro in the morning before a workout and then again at night to help them
fall asleep. People often ask how it is possible for the same product to
provide energy in the morning but encourage rest and sleep at night.
That is the magic of the endocannabinoid system! Each of our daily
routines requires our bodies to perform at different levels during the day.
If we wake up each day to go to work or the gym, our bodies want to be
energized and homeostasis in these moments is elevated. CBD just
helps our bodies to balance out at a higher energy level. At the end of
your day, your body is signaling that it is time to slow down and rest–
your level of homeostasis during these times is at a lower energy level.
Though your brain might be racing at 11pm, your body needs to rest.
CBD sends the signal to your endocannabinoid system that it is time to
slow down, then the endocannabinoid system tells the rest of your body
to follow suit and balance out at that lower energy level.

For those who have acquired muscle and joint aches and discomforts,
we offer a topical product that is ideal for immediate relief. This product,
Receptra Targeted Topical, is a great option for immediate relief and
also a great starting point for people who are new to CBD and may want
to try a topical before they take the oils. A little secret though, taking the
oils daily will fight the cause of the aches and discomfort from the inside
out. They are a proactive approach. Customers often find that if they
take the oils daily, their use of the topical product is reduced after a few

How does Receptra provide healing for Pets?

Pets also have an Endocannabinoid System that functions more
efficiently when stimulated by CBD. The antioxidant properties in
Receptra Pet help to naturally mitigate the effects of inflammation-
inducing free-radicals, which can cause a host of problems. Less
inflammation means less discomfort and greater mobility. Pet’s that get
stressed out or are not always on their best behavior may also benefit
from CBD oil, as it can provide a natural calming effect. Additionally, the
MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) in Receptra Pet helps to balance the
thyroid and can aid in improving energy levels and potentially weight loss
for your pet.

What sets Receptra Naturals apart from other CBD’s on the

We know every aspect of our products from seed to sale. We do not use
“white label” products, which are essentially someone else’s CBD oil with
a different name on it. There are numerous products out there that are
all the same but marketed as different brands. Receptra Naturals is
proud to be a vertically integrated, family-owned business!

One of the
reasons to choose Receptra Naturals CBD is that we know our product
from the time the seed is planted to the moment the shipping label is printed. Receptra pure hemp CBD is hand harvested by our own farmers. It is then processed by our in-house chemist, in our laboratory right outside Denver. The final product is labeled and shipped out by our warehouse technicians. It is our product every step of the way. Receptra goes above and beyond industry standards for transparency.
Along with third-party testing results, we also provide an Interactive
Certificate of Analysis for every single batch of CBD oil. Each bottle
leaves the Receptra in-house laboratory with a little green sticker
displaying a batch number. That number can be entered on our website
and linked to information on what is in your specific bottle. Several other
CBD companies provide similar information, but we are the only
company that provides this tool in an interactive and educational format.
We’ve found that people are aware that they should look for a certificate
of analysis when researching CBD products, but that they are often not
equipped with the tools to understand what each line item means. We
hope that this tool will create a more educated and empowered
community of CBD consumers!

How do the CBD sublingual drops differ from the topical cream?

Cannabinoid receptors are placed strategically throughout the body
including places like the brain and even the skin. The area under your
tongue has the most “bio-availability” in your body. So, taking the oils
sublingually is the most efficient way to quickly get CBD into your
system. Receptra CBD oil can be taken sublingually or orally and in
doing so, the cannabinoids are dispersed where they are needed
Receptra Targeted Topical and Body Butter interact with receptors
directly under the skin to provide relief. Each of these products has at
least 400mg of CBD in each container, and we have consistently found that this concentration is ideal for optimal uptake through your skin. For the best results, use a generous amount and rub it in well, to stimulate the receptors. The topical products are great for massages too and are used by a number of massage therapists, chiropractors and spas.

Are there any exciting emerging projects with Receptra Naturals?

We are excited to begin the “Receptra Gives” social responsibility
program. Now that we’ve made it through the first two years with our
brand, we are focusing on ways that we can involve ourselves in
positively impacting our global community, beyond the benefits of CBD.
Starting in 2019 we are joining up with Trees for the Future as one of our
charities of choice. For every purchase made, Receptra will donate the
cost of planting one tree, to Trees for the Future. The organization
promotes sustainable farming and mitigates deforestation in six Sub-
Saharan African countries. The concept of sustainable farming and
caring for the environment fit in perfectly with Receptra’s core values.
Additionally we will be adding new members to our team that will help us
expand our “Receptra Gives” program into other socially responsible
initiatives. We truly believe that CBD can be the catalyst for an improved
global community, and we want to do our part to continue giving back to
the communities we are so proud to serve.

What is most Joyful for the Receptra Collective momentarily?

Knowing that every day we can make a
positive impact on the lives of the people in the communities we serve.
That moment when a customer tells us how our products helped them or
a loved one, is what keeps us going. We love hearing from our
customers and that energizes us as we continue to find ways to give
back and foster more positivity, compassion, and education for the communities we reach. We are building a community, and everyone is
invited to join!

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