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Chiron Is…the journey of healing and our most authentic guide.

By: Rose Theodora



Planetary cycles, better known as transits are like a train in motion. The train is moving forward, whilst occasionally making necessary stops to pick up and drop off commuters, to hinge or unhinge its boxcars, and or to refill its fuel. The train will always be a train, and its mode of movement–always its tracks, but its interior and destination is forever transforming.

Chiron is an asteroid, that orbits between Saturn (the last visible planet in our solar system) representative of the physical body, and Uranus, related to the collective consciousness. Chiron is known in astrology as the bridge between the spiritual and material realms; where we recall that we are in fact, a spiritual being contained within a physical form. Chiron’s location overhead tells us where we are bridging the gap in our search for wholeness, or happiness. It narrates where we feel alienated, hindered, even fearful of expressing an aspect of ourselves because it’s utterly painful to do so. Chiron is an inexplicable vulnerability.

During personalized Chiron transits (Chiron coming into contact with natal planet(s)) we become more consciously aware of our emotional body in the context of the physical world–for the sake of healing our perceived separation. This creates a crisis in which we seek to unify the pieces of ourselves. Chiron is the alchemist of the zodiac, whose aim is to reassemble all facets of your being through an unconscious process. When we become aware of its presence in our life–we can consciously assist the process, trusting that there is something grander at work if we actually look at where we are holding onto pain.

Chiron is where we are called to heal ourselves from alienation, suffering, emotional pain etc.–through a process of reopening wounds. Chiron spends about seven years in each zodiac constellation bringing forth healing opportunities pertaining to that signs’ attributes. It’s crucial to point out that like some of the longer astrological transits (Saturn, Pluto etc) that we experience, we end up integrating them into our life, we embody them. It’s not as if they momentarily blow past us gently unnoticed–these are profound catalysts for life-changing opportunities.

A straightforward example might be abandonment; perhaps you were emotionally neglected as a child and now emotionally abandon others out of self-preservation. You were raised by loving parents who are still married, they gave you a good education–provided for you, there were no obvious/evident signs of anything unhealthy, yet for some reason, you aren’t good at expressing your emotions. Never really dealing with the root cause of the pain, but rather trying to move forward. You might spend hours speaking to your therapist trying to resolve the angst in your heart–searching for the reason that you’ve had failed relationships, or even run when things get heavy…This is one way that Chiron can show up in your life, another way might be more or less explicit.

“Through Chiron’s process is where you become your best healer.”Rose Theodora

Chiron in Pisces.

Chiron has spent the last seven years in the water (emotionally focused) sign Pisces where it was birthed, entering the sign on February 8, 2011, until it moved into Aries (a fire sign–action focused) on April 17, 2018, where it will be until June 19, 2026. Chiron while in Pisces, ushered us into a spiritual crisis: one focused on healing boundaries, perception, addiction, and victim consciousness. The process left us more aware of where we lack emotional/physical boundaries, where we expect in return for giving, where we’ve become dependant on spiritual practices, habits, and or people. Ultimately we’ve checked our reality and are now more clear about where we’ve lived in the clouds–what’s real vs. illusion, and hopefully developed a more sincere compassion for ourselves and others. This is Chiron in Pisces, this has been our healing journey for close to a decade–this is what we’ll carry with us as it moves through Aries.

Chiron in Aries.
Healing will be centered on themes of remedying wounds of the self; assertion, initiation, courage, action, authentic self expression. Aries as the first sign of the zodiac is considered the souls’ spark, the initiation phase where the soul requires the strongest of wills to actually incarnate; Thus, its signs’ planetary ruler Mars–pure raw instinctive action. While Chiron coexists in Aries, we are healing personal wounds related to where we’ve inhibited ourselves, or muted and forsaken our souls’ will in favor of appeasing others/society.

The Chiron journey isn’t an easy one, but inevitably, it’s the best remedy that the universe possibly has to offer. It’s ultimately where you become a healer yourself through the empathic journey of transformation. Through Chiron’s process is where you become your best healer.

Note: look at your natal chart to see where Chiron is placed to acknowledge core wounds, then compare it’s placement to transiting Chiron for the big picture.

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