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Collage with Meditation


On a chilly Sunday afternoon, I ventured out to the Maha Rose Healing Center for a collage workshop with Caris Reid. I love the act of creating with artistic expression, and have found that with all the mediums I’ve experimented with, collaging from the abstract is my favorite.

The workshop description was very enticing to me. It said, “Connect with your inner fire through creative visualization, guided mediation and Reiki-infused collaging. ”Since I started meditating, I notice a great difference in how my creativity allowed so much more of an opening for inspiration, which has opened so many doors for me.

When I arrived at the beautiful Maha Rose space, Caris was smudging the room to clear the energy. There was great warmth and a feeling of kindred spirit from Caris and the women that were already there. We were excited and ready for our workshop together. Caris introduced herself humbly, an accomplished painter with magnificent work. She had a great vibe and downtown yet chic aesthetic. She led us into a soothing and inspiring guided meditation that helped release whatever stresses we were holding onto that were holding us back. She brought usto a space of healing and creativity followed by powerful intention setting and collaging. Caris generously provided us with beautiful materials and gorgeous vintage magazine clippings (mostly from the 1950s) conscientiously picked for us to curate. She suggested using less to create a powerful collage, using opposing images and not orchestrating from the analytical side of the brain.
My first collage was one of imagination, an alchemist or dream catcher with which I used little sparkly hearts to satisfy my inner child, as Caris suggested. My second collage was done after the meditation, which evoked “standing in my power,”so I created a Dragon Goddess that was also peaceful, beautiful and evoked confidence.

I had a wonderful experience collaging and would recommend this form of expression to anyone feeling artistically or creatively blocked, or to those seeking a new outlet with which to express themselves.
Follow Caris’s instagram page for updates on her work,collage inspiration and upcoming workshops.

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