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Here at The Joyful Approach, we thrive on inspiring greater impact through conscious awareness for self evolution, for social responsibility, and sustainable lifestyle weaved through creative self expression .

The Conscious Fashion Category aims to promote a mindful approach to consumerism. We’re  here to gently guide you, no matter where you’re at with sustainable living. By elevating your approach to shopping through recycling, up-cycling  and reinventing the existing wardrobe with latest trends and style tips, you’ll begin to have a whole new experience of yourself.

We at TJA believe that in order to be the change we wish to see, it takes self empowerment to take action through self-guided learning.

A reminder  that doing one little thing is better than doing nothing at all when it comes to sustainable living.

Just like there are many levels of consciousness, there are also many levels of mindful consumerism. If you’re not someone ready to take the plunge into solely shopping ethical and sustainable companies, perhaps you’ll set the intention to shop more at vintage or consignment shops, or you’ll give yourself a second thought the next time you purchase a garment and ask yourself “ is this something that will last me longer than a season?” Maybe you’ll subscribe to researching more ethical brands, or the next time you want to shop fast fashion, you’ll consider what’s really at stake. In the meanwhile, let’s get educated on the sustainability and ethical movements in the fashion industry today.


People are doing the best that they can from their own level of consciousness  -Deepak Chopra


The Conscious Fashion category of TJA is a lens of discovery for you to learn about how you can contribute to our beautiful planet by slowly taking action towards conscious consumerism.

Embark on the journey with us to learn more about how we can collectively do better for our planet while still enjoying our love for fashion through authenticity, individuality and creative self expression.


Photos by Nihura Montiel

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