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Crazy for Coco Box

We here at TJA are obsessing over Coco Box for so many reasons that are aligned with our philosophy at TJA. Coco Box is the next best thing promoting healthy eating  for those with a decadent palette and looking for ease in their lives.

The Coco Box system is a healthy and Kosher meal kit prepared with thought, creativity and the freshest ingredients delivered right to your door (in NYC or Brooklyn). All you have to do is follow the easy to follow directions and cook it up. We love this system because it provides ease while being able to follow healthy nourishment that is already proportioned by a dietitian, and promotes taking accountability for yourself by preparing your meals. This is a beautiful practice that promotes self care and generates momentum towards healthy values for oneself.

We are so happy to feature this interview with Cookie Cohen, the founder of Coco Box where she shares her story and the philosophy of this wonderful concept promoting health and wellness for the greater good.


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