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Creating your Zen Place for Meditation


Today we have plenty of awareness on the benefits of Meditation.  Those benefits include  calming the mind, reduced anxiety, greater creativity, and expanded emotional intelligence. And yet there are many people that still don’t practice meditation. With working with clients or discussing with friend’s that struggle with meditation, they usually say they don’t meditate because they can’t find time or a place to get quiet.

A solution I like to encourage, is creating  a zen zone or a dedicated meditation space in your home. This place is somewhere you can go to look inward and block out all the distractions from the day. It becomes your sanctuary.

Once you create that sacred space, it becomes a place you will look forward to revisiting because of the scents the sounds and the association with calmness it provides for you.

By setting your space with intention, you are honoring your self and going inward to be a better version of yourself.

Here are a few idea’s of how to set your meditation space :

Find a place that feels safe private and comfortable. Is there a place that you feel drawn to?

Minimize distractions: Choose a time and place that you are most likely to have less distraction

Turn off electronics

Clear the clutter around your space. This will help you feel more at peace and not scattered.

Using a sound machine to muffle distracting  sounds or even noise canceling headphones can be helpful.

Invest in comfortable cushioning. Do  you already have a comfortable seat /chair or cushion to sit on? If not this can be the deal breaker in having a good meditation.


I like to meditate on a comfortable love seat in my bedroom.  I prop up myself with pillows to make sure my feet are  touching the ground to help with grounding benefits. I use my favorite wrap to feel cozy.

Sometimes I’ll sit on a cushion in half lotus and I use extra blankets to prop my seat up since I have tight hips. Being comfortable is super important so that you have less distracting thoughts on what’s nagging you.


Whether you prefer candles, incense, or diffusers, scent is a powerful stimulator that can calm or invigorate.  Using sage or palo santo for clearing energy, is popular and will probably be a contagious scent you’ll want to familiarize with. Essential oils like frankinscence are helpful for having a deeper meditation. I use all of these and specific oils for chakra cleansing during meditations.

Altar can set crystals, plants or anything that feels sacred to you to create your environment personalized for your practice.


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