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Rose is a gifted enthusiastic and passionate Astrologist that interprets astrology as a first language with intuition and sensitivity. Her rich background in Neuro Science with a great understanding of human psychology and a degree in Art history also encompass a beautiful fusion of her on point Astrological guidance.

With a great understanding of the placements of the planets,she gives insights in areas with habits, strengths, energy flows, relationships, destiny and career choices. She is approachable and is supportive with offering tools and suggestions in area’s on your personal path that need attention.

The Joyful Approach is so proud to have Rose a part of the Joyful Tribe.


Rose Theodora

Astrologer + Spiriutal Counslor

How did you first become interested in astrology?
I was born interested in astrology, or at least it feels that way. I honestly can’t remember. I think it began with the stars and I saw astrology as a way to interpret them related to human behavior. I’m also a skeptic at heart, so I deeply investigated astrology and it’s relationship to the planetary shifts and was hooked from an early age.

Highlights or memorable moments from your career?
Highlights, being featured in Vogue was pretty surreal. Memorable moments – the one that comes to mind is walking on the beach in Tulum under the stars after teaching at a retreat–I’ll never forget the feeling of being so close to the stars after having just spoken about them. Overall, being able to connect with people on a very real level is invaluable to me.

How do you think people can best utilize astrology in their daily lives?
Understanding that your Sun Sign, which is the month and day that you are born; means that is what you are striving to become. Learning about the best possible expression of your Sun sign is a healthy place to start because there is a sort of gradient when it comes to being authentic. For example; an insecure Leo becomes needy and manipulative for attention, which would make them seem selfish, but a healthy Leo has much power to uplift others with their creative intuition and genuine heart. Leo is probably the most authentic sign when they are confident. Each astrology sign plays a vital role in the wheel of life, each expressing some aspect of life and mastering it. It’s important to put your best foot forward and to own your unique gifts (each sign has them) because doing so helps to inspire and bring about balance within others. It’s a deep concept I know, but it’s true.2017.03.28_Rose_Theodora_DSC08005-Edit

What do you thing is the most powerful about astrology?
I think that once people understand their astrological make-up (the planetary placements at their time of birth i.e. Sun, rising, Venus, Moon signs etc.) they can navigate their life from one of the richest (to know thyself) places–which is unique and individual to them. Learning about your love language, or your emotional landscape isn’t something that you can learn in school, it’s something that is self-taught through life experience. It’s something that astrology can articulate in a way in which nothing else can.

What’s one thing people may not be doing that they should when it comes to using the stars in their lives?
I don’t think that people understand that they are more than just their sun sign. Most people read their horoscope for their Sun sign which is not technically accurate. In order to understand the timing of events in one’s own life, you must know your rising sign (based on your time of birth) and read your horoscope for that sign.

What’s your favorite sign?
That’s tough because I sort of feel like a mother to the zodiac signs, teaching people to nurture themselves and their unique attributes to feel more at peace, or in harmony. So my answer would be, all for different reasons–for their:

Aries – fierce will
Taurus – sensual and fine taste
Gemini – wit and jovial nature
Cancer – innate ability to heal others
Leo – authenticity
Virgo – ability to fine tune their lives and the lives of others, they can be serious healers in their own right.
Libra – sensitivity to disharmony
Scorpio – penetrating mind and instincts
Sagittarius – free spirit
Capricorn – trustworthy
Aquarius – eccentric
Pisces – creativity

What is a rising sign and why is it so important for people to know their rising sign?
The rising sign is literally the zodiac constellation that sits on the horizon in the East (rising) at your time of birth. So no matter what time you were born; 10PM for example, there is always a constellation sitting on the horizon in the East. The rising sign is determined by the time of year, and the specific time that a person is born. It’s important to understand the placement of all of planets at the time of birth in order to know the true astrological, psychological disposition of a person and their unique timing / unfoldment of events in their life.

Please tell us how you work with your clients and how the work benefits their lives?
I do not believe in withholding information from my clients or using complex astrological or esoteric language to confuse my clients. I prefer to be strait-forward and direct, to empower and uplift my clients. So many people are misinformed. One common question that most people ask is “is if something is good or bad,” it’s neither. You are who you are, and others are the way they are. We each have a unique life path, full of obstacles, and assets that allow us to experience life in a way that we need to for our soul growth. Life is complex and something cannot possibly be summarized into two categories. In a nutshell, that’s the way that I approach astrology and work with my clients–I try to educate them and help them to know themselves on a deeper more articulate level.

Can you tell us a little about color astrology and how you work with it?
Colorastrology is similar to chromotherapy, or color therapy only more personalized. In Chromotherapy, each color has a metaphysical, psychological purpose, or predisposition; for example, blue is the color associated with tranquility and trust, it evokes feelings of calmness; which is why hospitals use it so much. Using colors as they do in color therapy, colors are thought to bring about a different result or to enhance one’s life but’s that’s generalized. Colorastrology makes things specific to a person, it matches the colors to a person’s personality. We are attracted to different colors at different times in our life, for different reasons–colorastrology is more specified and can be used as a profound healing modality to remedy deficiencies, insecurity, or to enhance already existing positive attributes.

A little about you, Rose:

What is your daily routine like?
Different every single day, and I guess for that reason alone everyday, I have a routine of being flexible. I try to do five things every single day, drink as much liquid as possible–water, green tea, strange juices, and tinctures, connect with my clients, to write daily–either about the daily astrological transits, or something that I feel personally that inspires me, to connect with my body–working out (pilates), dance, kundalini, or a walk, to be still–by sitting and meditating, or by taking a long bath or shower maybe once, maybe twice a day.

What are some of your hobbies/ favorite past time?
Connecting with nature is my salvation, listening to music that moves and inspires me, music that I can feel and experience in my body, watching movies and driving (as a sport), getting lost in research for no good reason are all my favorite past times.


How does holistic lifestyle fit into your life?
Holistically for me means seamless, and I truly believe that everything is connected–so the foods that I eat, the music that I listen to, the conversations that I’m having, the amount of sleep that I’ve had are all inseperable–everythihng has a cause and effect. Living a holistic lifestyle for me is inevitable. It’s necessary.

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Kimono’s by Rita Ghanime

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