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Dr. Duke, My Exercise Savior and Friend

After my first meeting with Dr. Duke, I immediately asked him, “Where have you been all my life?” That was over seven years ago and following a series of unfortunate running injuries that sidelined my running and race goals.
Walking into Dr. Duke’s office was like the pot of the gold I was searching for over these years of unpleasant injuries that came along with running and rigorous training. The first thing to mention is the friendly and positive vibes that have been continuous throughout my experience at Duke Chiropractic. The staff and all the doctors are super friendly and caring.

Then there is the reassurance that although you’re likely to have a star sighting in the waiting room – whether it’s celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito or American champion marathoner and olympian Meb Keflezighi – you’re always guaranteed to have the same treatment as the A-lister next to you.

Dr. Duke’s paramount reputation is well deserved. I had great success with victory races and training for my personal best marathon time in Chicago with maintenance tune ups under his care. At other times when I was injured, Dr Duke offered support and patience with his great understanding of how important it was for me to continue to be active. He guided me with programs to stay fit, while allowing my body to recover and heal.  It is always a fun experience, as Dr Duke exudes joyful, positive energy despite how entailing his job might be.

I have referred my family to Dr. Duke and the other doctors at Duke Chiro because I feel confident that each loved one will be optimally cared for and in the best hands.

Get to know him, below:

Dr Scott Duke D.C., DACBSP, CSCS

Sports Chiropractic Physician

How many years have you been in practice? 27 years.

How many years is Duke Chiropractic in practice? 25 years

What’s your educational background? I graduated from the the New York College of

Chiropractic. I received my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of

Maryland, College Park, and received an additional bachelor of Science in Human

Anatomy from the National College of Chiropractic, Chicago. I also earned a diplomat

status from the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. I can proudly state

that out of only  300 worldwide, I am the only one in Manhattan.

I also received  the certification as a Level one USA Triathlon coach to assist  patients

by being able to better communicate with their coaches regarding modifications in their

training plans so they can have a better chance at achieving success in their race plans.

What led you to pursue a career in chiropractic or what inspired you?

Initially, I began as an athletic trainer and strength conditioning coach for University and

professional sports teams which led me to start the practice as a way to enhance sports

performance. Chiropractic was the only profession that structured change with a natural

approach to boost an athlete performance and running economy.

I realized if competing athletes have the same aerobic capacity and the same speed.

The only difference that gets them ahead is who has the best economy when moving

better. And we’re able to enhance it!

What have been the major highlights in your career?

1 Athletic trainer of the University of Maryland for football, baseball, basketball.

2 Strength conditioning coach for the Chicago Black Hawks

3 Olympic games in Atlanta, Georgia, 1996

4 Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. I was living on their campus as the in-

house sports chiropractor.

5 Sports chiropractor for professional athletes participating in the NYC marathon.

6 I can absolutely say I helped enhance the sports performance of Paula Radcliffe,

the fastest woman winning the NYC Marathon in 2008.

7 Mebrahtom “Meb” Keflezighi is an Eritrean-born American long distance runner

winning the NYC and Boston Marathons.

8 Kim Smith broke a record while I was working with her.

9 Molly Huddle with her highlights.

10 Most recently, Emily Sisson debuted at NYC ½ Marathon fastest debut ever.

“You don’t need to be an olympic athlete to be treated like one” – Dr. Scott Duke, DC

What is a typical treatment routine for your patients?

I provide same type of treatment to every patient I see — anything that will help speed-

up the recovery.

I use moist heat to warm up tissues. Then I use flexibility and stretching, soft tissue

techniques. ART, Graston, joint manipulation.

I then demonstrate home routine for exercises for mobility and strength.

My assistants utilize conventional physical therapy modalities – electro stimulation and

ultrasound lasers.


What forms of treatment do you offer?

We are now introducing two special forms of treatment – spinal decompression to

prevent spine surgery and when someone has a herniated disc or ruptured disc, EPAT

(also known as shockwave therapy) for tissue; torn muscles and tendons, tendonitis.

These are forms of regenerative medicine techniques and holistic treatments; forms of

treatment used for years.

Duke Chiropractic is a full service rehabilitation center and we don’t use drugs or

surgery. We are one on one, hands-on every time time with the doctor evaluating.

Spending time with patients allows us to learn a great deal about them. We then align

them with great practitioners for stress, nutritional consulting, lifestyle, just like The

Joyful Approach. We get to know our patients really well – when we come across a new

patient we look into what caused their injury especially chronic pain. We look at what

else in their lives could be causing injury, misalignment.

Then we check our resources, my recommended health and wellness coaches.

We select people who they will work well with, share values and create a match for


What are some recommended holistic treatment for muscles?

There are various treatments for specific needs, such as arnica for muscles, turmeric for

pain and inflammation.

We don’t overstep boundaries in this practice. For example, we refer patients to a

wellness coach for diet, medical doctor for lab work which is information that I look at

which allows me to help my patients with a more targeted approach.

I help people find ways to exercise. Even when they’re injured. We have a great

understanding about keeping them moving – so we find ways to help.

What are some projects are you working on?

I’m currently working on our Instagram account  as an easy way to share Dr. Duke tips;

trying to provide consistent self help videos and how to prevent injuries.

I created Run Smart New York, a series of free clinics for runners and athletes that

teaches them how to use foam rollers, massage balls, stretching and strength exercises

as remedies against running and cycling injuries.

My book: Back in Action Back In Action, a book demystifying the approach to healing

back pain. It is filled with dynamic spinal exercises you can perform in the comfort of

your own home.

You are so dedicated to interacting over social media and updated projects, Can you tell

us why that is?

I always feel like I have to give to the community to gain respect and one way is

providing information to prevent injuries.

The more people I help the more they know who I am.


What is the secret to your vitality and What is a typical day off like for you?

7 am late wake up time.

Cup of coffee.

2 hour workout. Pyrimad of running, weight training combo, HIIT 60 minutes. To failure

until I an’t do anymore.

I’ll make a Protein Vega Shake including my favorite ingredients.

I am so lucky that I live near Rockefeller state park and spend time with Zoe my dog,

and walk in nature. Zoe is my pure breed mutt, mini poodle golden retriever a.k.a.


And then I take a nap!

This is a perfect day to disconnect and recharge.

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