In Person Sangha for Connection Healing and Awakening your Inner Brilliance





Join this LIVE Limited in person, Oxytocin inducing Sangha. (Sangha in Sanskrit means community gathering)

Bringing community together to connect in a sharing circle to breathe and activate the inner authentic brilliance within each and every one of us. Restore and harmonize your Chakra’s; energy centers to come into alignment.

The space is carefully created with intention & love to feel the comfort and safety for healing what needs most releasing and awakening your spirit.

The Breathwork and Sound immersions are created for you to move any energy that is non serving and bring you to a place of freedom and love.

Joy’s background is in Holistic Lifestyle coaching and Intuitive energy healing yet Breathwork is the most powerful modality for the healing while accessing freedom and opening the heart. This style of Breathwork serves as a vehicle, shining a light on what’s causing stuck energy and unhealthy beliefs, non serving patterns and behaviors to shed and make room for all that your soul desires and is calling for.


We use a three step breathing technique activating the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body for a visceral experience. The breath purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and restores balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

You’ll likely feel lighter and renewed perhaps with creative ideas and more in touch with your purpose. Sometimes people leave feeling an ecstatic high energy with a cracked open heart. Many people feel connected to their higher selves, their younger child and gain access to their unique authentic essence. The best approach is to come with an open mind and open heart and trust that all unfolds exactly the way its supposed to.

The benefits of group healing are profound as we can experience amplified collective energy  & sharing intentions in a safe space with likeminded community


Wednesday October 14th  NYC

6:00 pm

limited space

address & Instructions  given upon sign up

Exchange : 71


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