Sangha Breathwork and Sound / SOLD OUT

Join us in gathering community for Sangha, Breathwork and Sound Restorative Meditation as we welcome the Fall Equinox.

September 20th ,7:00-8:45 pm  

Upper East Side NYC (Location given upon signup )

Exchange $30.00

The Equinox is when the earth cycles around the sun. The equinox represents the exact moment in this annual cycle where it crosses the equator and our day and night is of equal length. This is a great time for reflecting on what we can let go of, what we allow to die and prepare for what we want to call in.  It’s about inner work, going within and taking stock and inventory of our lives.

Honor your journey thus far as you reflect, rebalance and recalibrate.


A Sangha is a community of friends practicing  together in order to bring about and to maintain awareness. The essence of a sangha is awareness, understanding, acceptance, harmony and love.

“When we see a group of people living mindfully, capable of smiling, of loving, we gain confidence in our future.”


Breathwork is a deeper healing modality for self care that helps remove blocks that get in the way of living one’s life with freedom.

Breathwork serving as the vehicle for potent healing to uncover the unconscious material; old stories, limiting beliefs, primal destructive patterns. The stuck emotions that have become embedded inside the body.

Through this active meditation, we begin to release stagnant energy as we allow for more clarity freedom love, joy and truth.

We use a three step breathing technique activating the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body for a visceral experience. The breath purifies the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and blood, and restores balance emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

This work allows spirit to wash through the body assisting with releasing energetic blockages and stagnant negative energy opening for deep rooted healing and love. You will step into a whole new way of being that is lighter, more free, and in alignment with your soul’s highest purpose.

In this workshop, I create a safe space for self healing with the support of music, mantras, essential oils, and incense for added clearing and healing. Guiding you intuitively, I holds space for you to release all that is no longer serving you. Reconnect to your heart – to your inherent wisdom. Experience personal growth and transformation, and develop a stronger relationship with YOU.

Sound Healing: After the Breathwork, transition into a melting Sound Bath for deep restorative meditation. The vibrational sound brings profound states of balance back to the physiology of the body, mind, and soul.

We leave time for conversation reintegration and a light snack.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot HERE 

Photos from our last Sangha 




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