Alchemizing Your Astrological Make-Up and Come Into Alignment



Join us for a powerful and mindblowing day of planetary integration, alchemy, and beauty On November 3rd, 2019 we will be located in New York City.

Upon sign up, Joy and Rose will send an assessment form to your email so you can have a personalized astrological, joyful script for your unique life design blueprint, along with the official address for the event.

Astrologer Rose Theodora and Joy Dushey, priestess, breathwork facilitator, and holistic guide, of the Joyful Approach, believe in the totality of experience–to facilitate greater awareness, to deepen the connection between mind + body + spirit–provide an inspiring, intuitive, and colorful sensory experience.

Both believe that lifestyle choices should not be ascertained by media or the collective, but rather made personal, individual, and based on individual need and perception; that when we make choices from our own inner guidance system we are living in accordance with our higher self, and thus, become healthier and happier as a result.

Through the astrological landscape, Rose will help you to navigate your relationship to your natal placements–to bring you more into alignment using the current transiting planets. While Joy will provide spiritual and practical methods to integrate your astrological signatures, bringing it full circle through holistic guidance, color, sound, breath, and movement.

We will have been providing a nourishing snack and refreshing elixirs for you to enjoy throughout the immersion.

In preparation for the event, there is additional information available on Breakwork and Active Breathing here:


About Joy Dushey 


Joy is the founder of The Joyful Approach. She is a guide, an alchemist, a  profound facilitator in healing, an educator and an activist for deeper connection of humanity.

Her work encompasses holistic life guidance, breathwork, energy healing utilizing a variety of supportive esoteric modalities; crystals, reiki, sound healing, somatics, intuitive therapeutic coaching, and working with Mother Nature herself.

The common thread of her work to date is living boldly with her core desire to help inspire growth in others and create a positive impact in the world by inspiring and empowering others. Her greatest joy is to give others a means to awaken to their own great love, joy, and purpose.

Joy guides people through a life system she coined “The JoyfulApproach” that combines the upgrading of practical daily disciplines around eating, sleeping, exercising, breathing, and thinking, with deeper spiritual work addressing core values, self-love, intentionality, and authenticity.  The approach allows for living in true flow of life and for the unfolding of our best and highest selves.

Joy is continually inspired by curiosity and wonder towards world change.


About  Rose Theodora:

Rose is an international celebrated astrologer, writer, and curator. She believes astrology should be empowering and aesthetic.

Rose’s educational background of art and neuroscience from UCLA has been the backdrop for her success in the marrying of astrology and aesthetics, specifically the human response–neurologically and psychologically to color and language.  She found that a person’s astrological make-up heavily influences aesthetic preferences such as color, scent, style, music, and food–all of which have the power to support a healthy lifestyle. What we choose to wear, eat, listen to, and consume impacts our health and wellbeing, and can greatly enhance life if we are consciously aware.

Intrigued by the healing effects of aesthetic choices i.e color, scent, and food, etc. and how they are continually reflected in the natal chart, Rose weaves the two uniquely in her work.

Rose started E! Entertainment’s online street style blog in 2016 based on astrological transits and created the first-ever color-astrology nail studio concept in Los Angeles with Enamel Diction in 2014.

She has curated unique content, brand activation, and exclusive experiences for:

CartierDoveEsteé Lauder, OPI, Birch BoxFenderLaura Mercier,Wanderlust HollywoodThe Den Meditation Studio, Swarovski, Clique Media Group, Kelly Wearstler’s Avalon Hotel,  HeartofVIPByrdie BeautyMyDomaine, The Zoe Report, AddidasSanta Monica Museum of Art, now ICA, Gagosian, The Getty Museum, and more.

Sunday November 3rd,  4-7 pm 


EXCHANGE : $111 



Post Astrological Makeup Event Sangha Photos:


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