Exploration of the Chakra’s through Breathwork and Sound at the NAO Wellness Sanctuary



Breathwork is a potent healing modality for self care. We use a transformational technique that can ignite intense inner exploration which helps remove blocks that get in the way of living one’s life with freedom. The Chakras’s, our energy centers are the medium through which we feed our body with health and balance. When the Chakra’s are out of balance we deplete our vitality, health and well-being. Breathwork allows us to increase our capacity to flow energy through us bringing our Chakras into balance.

A guided experiential journey begins with a meditative experience scanning our chakra’s followed by journaling and partnering exercises bringing awareness to imbalances and guidance with healing our chakras.We follow with the three step breathing technique activating the mental body, releasing endorphins in the brain which allows the opening up of the physical body for a visceral experience. The breath allows spirit to wash through the body assisting releasing energetic blockages and stagnant negative energy opening for deep rooted healing and self love.

After the Breathwork, transition into a melting Sound Bath for deep restorative meditation. The vibrational sound brings profound states of balance back to the physiology of the body, mind, and soul.

**Dress comfortably~If you prefer to bring your favorite supplies (eye pillow, journal and snack) otherwise all will be provided.

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