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Exploring The Panther Process

I first experienced The Panther Process  through a Spring Equinox sacred ceremony. A beautiful  circle of women held safely by Kira orchestrating us to explore our deep desires and the shadow. Through a fire ceremony we burned and destructed whatever got in the way of our manifestation’s to allow our dream to birth. Emotional releasing with meditation, ecstatic movement,play, Shamanic breathwork, candle magic all igniting the soul’s deep calling’s. I indeed felt the openings that followed the magic of the ceremony so I scheduled a private Panther session. My Panther Process was intuitively facilitated through Energy therapy, Theta healing to break chords and old beliefs, Astrological guidance, and Breathwork with movement. Working with Panther in a safe container where I felt supported and was able to transport on an intense journey connecting with my soul and really break through the barriers that were holding me back. Kira’s extensive training’s demonstrates a profound work for one to destruct their old patterning and rebirth with freedom.   My transformation that followed the Panther experience was such that I felt called to share the magic of Panther Process with the Joyful audience.
If you’d like to experience Panther’s Process you can start with her May 1st Sex, Death, Rebirth: La Petite Mort ceremony at Maha Rose in Brooklyn.   Have a look into The Panther Process with our Q&A exploration with Kira below: 

 What does the quality of the panther spirit embody ?

The Panther embodies the dark, lunar feminine energies … the night, the Shadow. She is a wise teacher, the bringer of Truth. Panther is triggering, transformative, and holds the void of creation …the process of Death and Rebirth… within the vortex of her eyes.

In that ways do you feel these quality resonate with you on a spiritual level?

Have we met?;)

Do you believe in spirit animals, and if so, do you think the panther is yours. Why?

We carry multiple animals on our totem… As the Shamans say we embody our Power Animal…our source of Divine Strength. The Panther has been with me since I was a little girl, leaving her paw prints over my life in ways I could not yet see. She slinked into my life on a conscious level during a sacred Chinese tea ceremony with one of my teachers while I was living in Asia. I was inside a death process, being triggered to face my wildest Fears….during the time when I chose the path of transformation. She approached me so fiercely, commanding embodiment. It was such a visceral moment in my life …. I can channel that moment as clearly as I can feel her next to me now, empowered by her Grace.

Do you believe that animal spirits remain constant throughout ones life or do they change as we do?

We receive animal medicine as needed… and as the energies align. Astrological fun fact, the Panther became conscious for me when my progressed Sun went into Scorpio – the energy of Sex, Death & Rebirth… bingo.

Can you tell us the story of how the panther process was born?

I was in Bali riding on my motorbike at night through the rice paddies… headphones in my ears listening to this song that exemplified Freedom to me… and had a vision. I saw the scale in which I was to be of service, to co-create something truly magical. I had no idea what it all meant, yet it was mine as certain as the night sky. I signed a Soul contract in that moment to embrace that piece of my Dharma. Every step I take for Panther is in alignment with that vision, and that scooter ride under the stars.

 What was the journey that led you to the name, The Panther Process?

Everything is a “Process”… steps involving cause and effect on linear and non-linear levels.This word choice came to be from a culmination of experiences from my life, from teaching kids as an overseas Experiential Educator – a reminder every time we shift our perspective with a fresh lens we can see life through fresh eyes. Another was doing a successful stand- up comedy bit as a therapeutic process after a debilitating brush with illness, dismantling deep Shame and Shadows. ( We all take ourselves so fucking seriously in this community, what fun is that!) I don’t just beat to my own drum, I make one. So I created a Process where others can too, which organically evolves every day into whatever it needs to be. I’m not afraid to see myself as a human. A human in process, exploring all facets of Life.

You mention on your Instagram that you explore the shadows of subconscious, what is shadow work and by what curated modalities do you explore the shadows within each person?

ShadowWork is diving into the parts of ourselves we repress. As Jung describes, we are volcanoes ready to erupt at any moment in projections with all we hide inside.

Evolutionary Astrology, Panther Breathwork, THETA, Reiki, Yoga (Yin focused), Jungian psychology, Somatic methods, Chakra bases therapies, and sensory elements (Light, Sound, Oils, etc)… It all is alchemized to work together based on what the client needs for their personal healing. PP is deep work, this is illuminates the un-truth …shattering realities. This is not made for those who want to dabble in crystal work and chase the bliss illusions…. Spiritual Bypass dies a quick death here in Panther space. If there is something you haven’t faced, it will come up here, safely held and courageously explored.

 Can you tell us about the ways in which you incorporate astrology into your work and the trainings/life experiences that led you to become an astrologer?

EA focuses on the Soul over lifetimes from the viewpoint of Pluto. I was introduced at a young age to this work and its shapes the blueprint of Panther in many ways. Every client that works with me in private sessions, I have their chart on tap.

What influential trainings and/or places in the world that you have visited have had an impact on you as a person and on you as a curator of The Panther Process?

Many:)…and many more to come that will soon be destinations where Panther will host programming. I want clients to feel the essence and experience of my soul as PP was birthing.

You consider yourself a curator of panther process, what had you choose that word to describe your role in the guided work you do?

I explore a vast arena of methodology and knowledge, discerning and editing the methods in which I practice to use for my clients. This includes any/all guest practitioners I select to bring on board to co-create this experience with me… this is more than therapy or spiritual practice … this is spiritual art, an experiential transformation filled with a vast myriad of expression to be enjoyed.

You use the slogan “free yourself,” what do you think we all need to be freed from and what does freedom mean to you?

:)… how much time do we have? In short, the boxes we put ourselves in via our conditioning and belief systems. Not just what we know we don’t know, the things we have no idea we don’t know.

To be and feel exactly who I am in the fullest expression of the moment without judgement, that includes the Shadow landscapes we tend to suppress. I get to feel it all. I get to shine from every color, every ray. The sheer joy of being human.

What current blocks do you feel stand in your way from being able to free yourself?

Great question, for anyone. In the vein I see Freedom, the root of every blockage contains Fear. If we are afraid, we never experience anything. So I dig into it and stare at the monsters under my bed while I hold my heart in courage, and keep moving forward.

What modalities do you currently use for your personal self care practice?

Everything I teach / guide my clients by, are my own personal methods. Some I learned during my transformational process in the darkest of places, some from my vast trainings, and some from my block in NY. All guided by potent intuition.

What brings you most joy in your life right now?
Feeling Free… Expressing me… Being who I was born to be, beyond lifetimes.


Images by Nina Robinson
IG Ninarobinsonnyc

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