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Eye Brow Grooming with Spruce and Bond

I started grooming my eyebrows back in the 90’s, inspired by super models, Linda, Christy, and Naomi and the trending movement at the time of thinly shaped higher arched eyebrows.

I remember going to the Oribe salon and having my thick brows plucked to a barely there arched brow.  As gifts to my cousins and nieces, I took them for their first eye brow transformation and had their bushy or uni-brows reshaped into graceful looking groomed brows.

Fast forward to today, while I enjoy my eyebrows thicker I  still consistently have my brows groomed and shaped and also tinted for a bold look to compliment my features.
For me, brow grooming is maintenance just as important as a teeth cleaning or a good haircut.

I discovered Spruce and Bond, a destination for results-driven beauty treatments, less than a year ago. They offer treatments equipped with the latest technology, provided by the most highly trained specialists, in chic facilities that make you feel at home.  Their highly trained specialists deliver great results with Customized wax, laser and brow treatments.

By assessing your style, personality and facial features with the eyebrow specialist they then calibrate  the shape that is best and most complimentary for you.

If you’re looking to enhance your brows with tinting, the specialist will then apply a natural henna dye to lighten or darken your brows to add the finishing flaterring touch to your brows.

I have had great results with every treatment and without spending a fortune which was so refreshing for me. My specialist in this story was Aurora Pritchard, who I’ve had great consistent results with but I also have had great results with other specialists as well, which guarantees consistency at Spruce and Bond.

The waiting area is delightful offering refreshments offered by the friendly staff and also offers a small shop providing natural products, maintenance products for brow keeping  and candles and aromatherapy.

I highly recommend visiting Spruce and Bond for your next eyebrow beautification..Spruce & Bond is on the UES at 75th and 2nd as well as Madison and 65th, UWS, and in NoHo, Flatiron, and Scarsdale.

Photos in this story by Christian Caroll


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