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Falling Forward



As Summer comes to an end and Fall is fast approaching, it’s a good time for renewal.

Fall is the ideal time to reevaluate our lives according to the law of cycles and rhythms. Like the the leaves of a tree falling to the ground and dying, the ending of a project or a goal holds the seeds for future endeavors. We could ask ourselves: What have I learned? What do I want to let go of?  What do I want to keep?

There are four seasons, but only three energies – birth, growth and completion or death.
While spring and winter are the beginning and end of the seasonal cycle, both summer and fall are part of the period of where growth moves to completion. Summer represents the peak of that change or transformation. Fall is when the seasonal curve moves toward completion.

In the fall, we can begin to shed or release anything we no longer need as we bring the year to an end. It is also a time when we can prepare for winter and store the seeds of what we want to experience in the coming spring.

This fall, ask yourself:

What have I learned from what I have put into creation and experienced?

What do I want to change, transform or bring to completion come winter?

What do I want to keep for the coming spring?

Make what you want to preserve your focus in winter and prepare that for spring. Everything else you must release and learn from. Life is about learning. Fall is a time to reflect on what we have learned, what we want to release and what we will nurture in the coming year.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.



At the start of summer, I held a Joyful Approach retreat where I taught the Joyful Approach curriculum, going over the six primary fundamentals of The Joyful Approach.

They are:

Sleep, Nutrition, Hydration, Breathing,Thinking and Motion. I then went through the components that support the Joyful Approach, which are Daily Practice, Core values, Boundary setting, Setting intentions Living in authenticity and Self Love.

When the components of The Joyful Approach are in balance, we are living a holistic lifestyle.

We spoke about each component, and everyone had a chance to share how these components affect their lives when out of balance or what they find troubling in those areas of their lives. Over the course of summer and especially leading up to the eclipse, we had a chance to shed light on where things did or didn’t resonate and, with awareness, we had better insight into what areas we need to release.


What does your fall want to look like? What do you need to let go of to make room for new in your life?  While I feel sad to let go of the blissful feeling of summer, I embrace the feeling of fall and I trust in the newness that is in store for me.


Here is what my Joyful Approach to embracing Fall looks like:

I want to let go of my fear of veering off course from my path.  I find that I veer off course because I fear my own power, light and the responsibility that accompanies me.

I want to let go of self judgement and accept all parts of myself as I am in this life process.

I want to let go of the routine that I makes me feel so programmed without allowing for space for creativity and openness.

With setting those intentions and letting go, I will also set these intentions to put into motion:

I’ll take walks through Central Park with the rustling leaves underneath my feet and enjoy the brisker air. I’ll stop to do some grounding work while I’m there as I’ll  have less access to grounding on the beach, the way I did in summer.

I usually change my hair whether it’s the color or cut or the way I part my hair for a subtle change and refreshing outlook with the new season.

I plan on dancing and signing up for more self growth workshops.

I am so grateful and excited about taking a healing space where I’ll be working out of and treating clients in Chelsea, so I will be immersed in the energy of downtown New York.

I plan on restructuring my daily practice, adding more time and quality to my meditations.

I plan on holding Sunday workshops and group meditations.

I’ll take stock of my closets and give away and consign pieces that my daughters don’t want. I’ll spend time recreating my wardrobe with a creative approach of restyling the way I wore items in the past, before I go out shopping for new pieces to add to my wardrobe.

I’ll get some new cookbooks to add new recipes to the menus at home

I’ll check out the arts in New York and get tickets to new shows and inspiring dance performances.

I’m excited to collaborate with other enthusiasts who are passionate about positive shift.

And I will leave guiltless spare time for space and creativity that manifests into The Joyful Approach.


Take time to reflect on what area’s in your life you are ready to let go of and allow for renewal. Set the intentions to put into motion what a fulfilled Joyful Fall could look like for you.


photos by Christian Caroll



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