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Its no surprise that fur is once again the height of fashion. The Fall 2017 collections in Paris,London, New York and Milan featured gorgeous versions of fur or faux fur.

For the last 5 years or so fur coats have been the IT coats of winter, and now fur or faux coats have never been more of a staple than today.

Yet fur is the fashion industry’s most divisive subject.

Animal lovers have been protesting against fur for years and then there are those that debate whether faux fur is actually ethical with the argument that its made of non-biodegradable, chemical-based synthetics like nylon and polyester.

Earlier this year Giorgio Armani declared he will not be using real fur any longer, following in the footsteps of other designers such as Stella Mccartney, Hugo Boss,  Tommy Hilfiger Vivienne Westwood and Calvin Klein.


Either way, there is plentiful of options for everyone whether you’re a fur or faux fur lover.

I have owned fur jackets and coats for years and for the same reasons that I choose not to eat animal protein, I have always felt uncomfortable with wearing real fur. Since I love the look of fur and styling with furs, I have a collection of vintage and new faux fur’s and am grateful for the improved faux fur quality in regards to its texture.

I am also happy to learn that real fur manufactures are taking ethical and consciencious steps towards fur making. After the [anti-fur] attacks in the past, the fur industry really organized and became much more transparent. “Its our responsibility to know where the fur is coming from and that the animals are well treated at the farms we use.” stated in Saga of Finland Fur’s latest Corporate Responsibility Report.

It’s truly a joy to see how the stirred  creativity of designers and of fur or faux fur coat wearers can now express their style in full respect of animals.

Find your choice of fur or faux fur this season and have some fun styling your Joyful wardrobe.

Top photos in this story by Anton Lombardi

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