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I’ve been crushing on Fe Knits since the first day I saw them on my girlfriend Mara. I was so fortunate to meet Coque,the designer and owner of Fe, at  a trunk show Mara and Coque were hosting together.




Coque is a light, she evokes a woman of integrity, passionate about change in our world and environment with simplicity and love.

When I learned the history behind Fe, I was enamored.  “Fe” is the Spanish word for Faith. Fe Knits are all handmade from sustainable and biodegradable materials  lightly spun from pure sheep skin. They feel light on the body and yet are so warm and style whatever I have on in an effortless way.
Its no wonder I was so attracted to these delicious  treasures  made with love and care.


Here is my interview with Coque of Fe Knits:

Name: Coque Prieto

Profession: Designer

Origin: Argentina

Education: University of Buenos Aires, Faculty de Arquitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo.

Previous design experiences: I was an Art Director for a long time.

What was your driving force behind Fe? Change

Did you run into challenges starting a business as a woman? I run into challenges all the time, I wouldn’t say as a woman but as a person.

Design Philosophy behind Fe: To produce sustainable, timeless pieces in a different way.

Where do you seek your inspiration from? Mother Earth is my main inspiration . . . the birds, the flowers, the trees, the colors, the fires, I can go on an on here . . .

Iconic favorites: Charles and Ray Eames

Color Palette… Always a neutral lover

Please tell me about your knitting process? Since I hand knit every single piece, I wanted to create an organic way do this the best way possible. Usually, I create my patterns a year before I release them, so I can wear them out and see how they work. Then, I create a collection and start the season with a not very large batch of things because I work on demand, so I continue with the things that sell more. At the end of the season most of the things I knitted are gone, there’s no storage, no waste of materials, and time was well invested.



How are the fabrics you use considered sustainable? I only use pure fibers. Wool is none other than sheep’s hair. And then in the summer I use cotton. Sometimes, there’s a bit of leather involved. Even the labels are stamped on organic cotton with organic ink.

Can you tell me little about your lifestyle?
I start my days with an early morning meditation. Then, I jump into work after breakfast. I usually work 5 or 6 days a week, but I manage my schedule to be able to go to yoga, do my Farmer’s Market shopping, or run errands. Food is another big thing in my life. I love cooking and have friends and family over for dinner. And when I have time off, I love short and long trips.

Favorite go to outfit for daily routine? Aditi top white by Matta, Girlfriend Sweater Crudo by Fe, Black Nadia Jumpsuit by Ulla Johnson, cotton leggings by Humanoid, Isabel Marant ankle boots.

Favorite past time? All the Summers of my life.

Favorite Vacation spot(s). Patagonia, Argentina.

Spiritual practice or activity for connecting with yourself. Yoga, Meditation and biking. Sometimes I go out for a run.

How does holistic align with your lifestyle and the Fe brand? I try to live my life coherently as a whole, I try my best to find balance in every aspect of it, from the food I eat, the relationships I have, what I create, and how I support my lifestyle.

What is your universal wish that you hope to accomplish with Fe Knits? To change the way we produce and consume things.

Photos in this story by June Kim

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