The Joyful Anthology

Finding Freedom


Cosmic moments trickle in convincing me that living in this human body is only an illusion.

It’s in those spaces when my spirit soars and I’ve never felt so alive.


My nature is primal and wild; like a cheetah sprinting towards his prey through the rough, experiencing limitless boundless freedom.

The freedom bred from seeds of stored emotions that were hushed for so long, now funneling to surface.

The exploration of these emotions generate the speed of my stellar stride; making me steadfast and graceful in movement through the fiercest of conditions.

Embracing the darkness of the storm, the enormity of surrounding mountains and biting winds; my resilient endurance reminds me of the warrior I am.

The power from my breath, my evolving growing self, taking new shape with grace. I’m finding my way back to me.


Shattering any beliefs and voices  that once  told me I was not enough;I was not worthy, nor of this permission.

I relish in dissecting the depth and core of the journey of each  feeling, its root, where it’s been of service, it’s blessing on this path.

The feelings  morph into shapes and colors sculpting my humanity, my essence, my truth.  Creativity and passion is bursting through every molecule of my being.

My heart is blown open with appreciation for the agency over my autonomy, the empowerment of my choices, and this magnificent life I get to dance in, in this emerging version of me.


And I honor and bless my courage to feel seen through and through on this turn of my journey…




You’re feeling un-spirited


  Playfulness, vigor, vitality, creativity, joyful feelings are lost


You lost yourself in a relationship


   Who am I? Where did she go?


You’re stuck and un-inspired 


   Feeling blah


You lost your way through heartbreak of any sort


   The pain hurts so bad, great despair swells your being


It may be..

You lived according to a system that was not aligned with your core values.


You lost your spirit with conforming to conditioning that didn’t align with your truth.


Old beliefs and patterns are blocking you from feeling whole, clear, love, joy and freedom in life.


Grieving is almost impossible because you’re emotionally and energetically blocked.


How to find a way back to YOU?


Willingnes :: 

The desire to create a shift might take you out of your comfort zone.

Are you ready to get uncomfortable?

Seeing the change you most want to see as the end goal will likely generate motivation when resistance is coming up.

Setting the intentions with yourself through a journal writing will help with taking accountability.


Awareness :: 

Pay attention to those signals  when you start to feel un-spirited, like you’re losing your authentic self, your essence.


Debunking old beliefs::

Break through old beliefs, patterns, conditioning. Deconstruct the things we were told and took on that no longer serve.

Breathwork is a potent healing modality for deconstructing old beliefs patterns and stories we’ve held on to from decades ago. The emotions that have become stored stagnant energy that block us from love joy freedom creativity and clarity. Breathwork is powerful in healing grief and loss of any nature and in balancing chakra’s that are blocking our life flow.


Where do you feel most yourself?

The human condition wants to belong. Sometimes we lose ourselves in the need to belong whether it’s with a lover or a tribe or community by conforming to something that’s not ours. Notice with whom you feel you’re most able to be yourself authentically for greater discernment.



Through meditation, prayer, personal daily practice, holistic spirited lifestyle and Breathwork, we have the ability to pause in moments of our lives when we feel like we’re not in our lane or on our track. A reminder that we all have agency to live our most spirited authentic life according to our truth.

“The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind” Caroline Myss



Begin now. Begin with uncertainty and fear. Begin with an open mind and an open heart.

Trust in the deep knowing that the universe is supporting you; listen for her signals and you’ll see what I mean.;)  She totally has your back and is rooting for you.

and …I love you!

With eternal love, light and support,




Photo by Nihura Monteil

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