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Fitness By Mo;Victoria’s Best Kept Secret with EMS Training

By Allegra Blinken

I had a lovely first experience doing EMS (electronic muscle stimulation) with Mo of FitLife by Mo . He is friendly, warm, and makes you feel good in your own skin regardless of his high end clients with all different body types. For example, he works with many Victoria Secret models and I definitely do not have a model figure.
Mo asked me to put on a cotton outfit at first instead of wearing normal workout gear. The body suit he puts on you at first is sprayed with water. Then he puts bands on your limbs and a full body suit (almost reminded me of the device you wear on a boat). There was a part for your upper body and upper legs and butt. Then he attaches the EMS machine itself, which is what allows the electric muscle stimulation to go into your body. At first, Mo will test the machine on you and make sure you feel comfortable with the wave frequencies of the machine. It’s a weird sensation to describe. It feels good but not exactly comfortable either; almost like a static vibration. You feel four seconds of the machine vibrating and then you get a four second break. While this is happening, Mo has you do basic exercises for you’re entire body. I did a sequences of squats, leg exercises, abb work (planks, bicycles),etc. However, the workout is only 30 minutes and Mo suggests no one do it more than twice a week.

Apparently, the EMS machine allows your to use up to 90% of your muscles during the workout, rather than 20% which is the normal amount one uses during their normal routines.. I also drank a lot of water before and after. Today, (a day later) I feel sore but still ready and able to go on with my daily pilates. Additionally, I like the fact that this is a quick work out if you are in a rush with a busy schedule or if you do not like working out in general. EMS is known to be great for helping those in PT with injuries as well. Science have proven its another way to help the body heal. EMS is highly effective in creating strength & lean muscles, helpful for weight loss, & improves endurance.

Read my interview with Mo below and have a deeper look into the Fitness by Mo approach.



Hey Mo, Thanks so much for being here with us at The Joyful Approach. We are stoked to learn about your work and the approach behind EMS getting your clientele into razor edge shape.

Can you share a bit on your background? How you did you get  into fitness?

I was born and raised in NYC. I am a Queens boys through and through. I got into fitness when I was 14 working at the local Y, making sure old ladies weren’t getting into fights. Long story short,I finally got my certification at age 19 and worked at NY sports club in Queens for two years, and got fired. I went on a  hiatus and realized I wanted to become the one of the most famous trainer in NYC training billionaires, royalty, and celebrities. I eventually got a job at sports club LA  on the UEWS  for two years,  I was the top trainer at the company. Now I work at the Core Club, in people’s personal gyms and homes  and at 5 major hotels in NYC.



How did you get into EMS training?

Two years ago, a company called “My 30 minutes” reached out to me to work with them. They had me try the workout and it kicked my ass. I was sore for four days. He would never ramp it up as much as they did for a first time client, but it was clear they wanted to probe the EMS machine to me and show me what it could do.


Can you explain how EMS works Mo?

To activate your muscles (contractions) your brain sends electric impulses through the central nervous system to your muscles. This natural effect is additionally intensified with the EMS device to enhance the muscular contractions. The EMS device can address and stimulate all muscles groups individually and separately. Your personal fitness trainer will adjust the impulse intensity that suits your fitness level and supports your individual training goals.

  • It’s a 20 minute complete total body workout that burns over 600 calories.
  • It helps build lean muscle while blasting off fat!
  • It drastically improves strength, power, explosiveness, and endurance – which is why athletes like Usain Bolt and the Bayern Munich soccer team have EMS as a staple in their training regimens.
  • If you’re a busy person or just don’t want to spend very much time in the gym, this is for you!
  • After the 20 min workout, you have the option of doing a 10 min recovery phase, with helps with blood flow and muscle repair.

What does your day look like from am-pm? 

I wake up, take a long shower, go through affirmations, say what I want until I make it a reality,I am usually in an Uber by 5am, then train about 10-12 clients. It is a  very interesting job because I get to hang out with a lot of powerful and interesting people.

How do you balance your personal workouts with your career in EMS training?

Honestly I save about 10 minutes after a client and I would just do a 5 to 10 minute workout and then move out to next client. It honestly adds up after a while.I also go to gym super early on the weekends so I can spend time with my daughter. I  also work out late on Friday evenings.

What is your nutrition like on a daily basis?

It depends oh what my goals are. Right night, I want to be bigger and muscular. I eat four meals at least, including: 6 ounces of proteins and carbs, 4 eggs, half cup of oatmeal, chicken, fish, tons of veggies. I don’t eat late, no carbs at night ever. I also do intermediate fasting.


What level of fitness must one be in, in order to do EMS training?

I train individuals of all fitness levels. From professional athletes and Victoria Secret models, to 90 year olds, I’ve dealt with them all!

What feels most JOYFUL in your life?

Seeing other people’s lives improve, not necessarily looking good or losing weight. You can control your own destiny, your physical body isn’t all of it. It could be your relationships, your job, everything encompasses itself.


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Allegra Blinken is a born and bread New Yorker who is passionate about helping others and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. In her spare time, she likes to go to museums & galleries, take her dog to the dog park and do her own personal photography. She is currently a contributing editor to The Joyful Approach.

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