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Fortune Dushey of Fortune Inspired

Fortune Dushey is the founder of Fortune Inspired and a stylist based in NYC.  Fortune Inspired is a fashion blog created with the aim to inspire the modern woman who appreciates the value of an upscale wardrobe and lifestyle. Here she candidly shares her routine openly with us, inspiring us and also keeps it real with managing all she does with a busy NYC lifestyle.


What is your morning routine?

While I wish I could say my mornings start off with mediation and a cup of hot water with lemon, my day starts with an addictive scroll though Instagram Stories and then a sneak peak at Net-a-Porter’s new arrivals. Then and only then, will I meditate, write in my 5 Minute Gratitude Journal, and engage in 30 minutes of social media blog related work. I try to get in a mix of cardio and strength training three to four days a week.

Most recently I began lighting a candle and listening to relaxing music while getting ready for the day ahead. I think of this ritual as a gift to myself.


What is your morning nourishment?

After my workout, I enjoy a healthy f-factor approved breakfast of eggs, gg crackers and avocado.

When I’m in a time crunch, I’ll grab a No Cow Bar.


Do you set an intention prior to your morning routine? 

I currently do not set intentions for the day but this sounds like something I should be doing!


How long has this routine been part of your life?

I’d say the ritual of meditation and journaling began two years ago. Before then, I didn’t have the luxury of staying in bed and getting centered because I had younger kids and my time was not completely my own.



Are there any obstacles that get in the way of your most ideal morning routine?

Absolutely, for example, when my son is too busy watching a You Tube video and I have to get him out for school. Another example is when I am listening to relaxing music and my husband changes the station!



What time do you go to sleep, and do you do anything before going to bed to make your morning easier?

I set the intention of going to sleep by 10:30pm. That never happens. I typically fall sleep between 11:00pm-12:00am.

A work in progress if you will.

I check my calendar for the day ahead and if necessary make an added to-do list.

 Do you have a morning workout routine?

I work out with a trainer twice a week for what is supposed to be an hour workout. However, the idea of strength training for 60 minutes scares me so I arrive to the gym 10-15 minutes late. Again a work in progress. On cardio days, I love the stair master and I run on occasion if a friend is willing to drag me out of bed and into Central Park. I also enjoy jumping rope and hiking when I have the opportunity.

Do you have a morning meditation routine?

I listen to the Calm App.

Do you also follow this routine on weekends, or do you change some steps?

Saturday is my day of rest and I truly enjoy being lazy and having breakfast with the family, hanging in my pjs and reading magazines or books.



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