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FULL MOON IN SCORPIO and the importance of sleep.

By Rose Theodora

Full Moons occur once a month and are a known powerful opportunity to let go of something in your life in-order to make space for something else, something different. The Moon cycle has been observed for centuries by ancient cultures who had incredible knowledge of the planetary rhythms and their effects on agriculture. There have been experiments regarding this. We tend
to think only of Sunlight as being necessary for growth and life, but the moonlight also affects our circadian (biological) rhythms and cycles here on Earth. The most notable agricultural test was conducted by a physician named Dr. Eugen Kolisko in Germany in 1939, and by Maria Thun in 1956. They primarily experimented with root crops, showing the effect of lunar phases on seed germination. They found that maximum germination on the days before the Full moon. Crop yields were reported by weight. Thun was surprised to discover that the signs of the zodiac played its part as well.; Their results demonstrated that the lunar phases indeed impact the production of crops.

The point is that the moon’s light affects us just as deprivation from sunlight causes a whole slew of issues, such as seasonal affective disorder etc. Light affects us (too much light affects our sleeping patterns making sleep less restful during the Full Moon). In Astrology the Sun and Moon are known as illuminate (light) bodies, and function as two of the most important features
in one’s birth chart. The Sun represents the conscious mind (think daylight), and is all that we can see that is visible or known to us; whereas, the Moon is everything that is unseen (think night time), our subconscious. When the two sit across from one another with the Earth sandwiched in between we see and feel both, and the light from both planetary bodies rolls like waves over Earth. As humans, we experience this influx of light; which is why Full Moons can be overwhelming (especially when affecting your sleeping patterns, depriving you of sleep) or have a reputation for creating a lunacy type of atmosphere, could simply be attributed to the amount of light pouring onto the earth. The Moon’s light can stimulate us making it harder to sleep, which can directly affect our emotions–which is enough of a reason why you might consider refining your sleep habits around the Full Moon, so that you feel more emotionally and mentally stable.

So about the Full Moon on Thursday in Scorpio. We know that Full Moons are about letting go, but when its in Scorpio it would mean that we are letting go of Scorpio type themes. In this case fears, obsession, control, early psychological trauma and realizing precisely where our passions can propel or consume us. The Moon and Sun when flanking the Earth tend to reveal things that
have been hidden in the dark (i.e. emotions, psychological patterns etc.) and illuminate them–making us more consciously aware of where we need to heal. Healing is an ongoing process and one that if we are honest with ourselves, means that we are continually digesting (processing) our experiences and that is considered healthy right? During a Full Moon it is always sitting opposite the Sun, in this case Scorpio is opposite of the astrological sign Taurus.
Both signs are concerned with security–Scorpio with emotional security and Taurus with physical security.
The Full Moon gifts us an opportunity to experience some form of imbalance, so that we can reflect and remedy these imbalances. Scorpios Full Moon gifts us an opportunity to let go of doubt and fear, manipulation and to focus on being more passionate and feeling more secure

There is a saying that, “when love ensues, fear seizes to exist.”

In astrology there is always a planetary ruler associated with each sign, for Scorpio its Pluto and for Taurus its Venus–both are working for us to help us transform (Scorpio) our feelings (the Moon) and to create (the Sun) more harmony (Venus) in our experience, in our life.

Like all things, the planets are not apart from one another, they all work in unison connected by some mysterious gravitational magnetism. This Full Moon involves other planetary aspects; such as Neptune (intuition), Chiron (vulnerability), Pluto (transformation), Jupiter (expansion) and Mars (where we feel energized). Some of these configurations will be challenging; whereas, others will feel easy and more supportive of these changes.
Here’s what you need to know: That Scorpio is a water sign and it’s deep because it’s ruled by Pluto, which means that regardless of the aspects you’ll feel more deeply and intensely. For those of you that aren’t normally in touch with your feelings, this could be overwhelming and uncomfortable. For those of you that always feel emotional, this will likely be comfortable for you. With the Full Moon, most things are amplified–if you’re tired you’ll feel really tired, if you feel angry you’ll likely feel very angry–so observe your feeling and temper your reactions. Remember that your experience is only your experience, no one else is forcing you to feel any particular way. You’ll want to trust your intuition (don’t confuse intuition with paranoia), communicate your feelings while not relying too much on logic. Know that your relationships have been directly affected by your inner fears that you’ve been holding onto. Often times we hold onto our experiences because we believe that if we keep a catalogue of all the times that we’ve been wronged, it won’t happen again (that’s Scorpio), or that we’ll never be hurt again; when in fact, the very recollection and continually employment of the paranoia of the same thing happening–rather than processing it and letting it go might actually open you to new circumstances.

Lastly, you’ll begin to notice how your relationships will deepen, transform and start to feel more harmonious.




• Get more sleep

• Take more baths

• This would be an excellent time to do a liver cleanse, or to start a detox

• Engage in intense physical activity

• Stay present. Remember that most discomfort that arises is only a result of the past or a fear

of the future and that this is an opportunity to deal with discomfort head on

• Let go of emotional and physical attachments, or vices that aren’t healthy for you: Make a vow

to let go of something, a believe, an addiction (mental, physical etc.) that has been plaguing

you, and trust that if you let this go something more interesting, more alluring and majestic will

take its place–this is the law of the universe, but you have to be brave to test this theory.


• Recognize and admit where you’ve been employing fear

• Admit to yourself where you are attempting to control circumstances or others in your life

• Admit to yourself where you feel a loss of control

• Write all of these answers down on a piece of paper, and then a reasons for each–you’ll likely

see that they stem from a fear.


• Burn the paper (in a safe place of course)

• Take an Epsom salt bath on Thursday (the actual day of the Full Moon), light candles and use

incredibly good smelling oils–love yourself.

Resources: "The Old Farmers Almanac", by Robert Thomas. Yankee Publishing Inc. 2000

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