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Get to know : keoni Hudoba


Hudoba hails from Hawaii where he trained his very first client—himself! Keoni underwent a radical transformation of mind, body, and spirit and came out the other side over 100 pounds thinner and much wiser.

Fitness expert Keoni Hudoba is the Co-Founder and Creator of the Cyc Fitness Method. Keoni created a high-energy, entertaining, full-body road trip that helps riders transform their bodies and ultimately reach their fitness goals. Once you experience the method, in one of the 7 studios to date, you’ll understand why he was named 2012’s Best Trainer by New York’s Village Voice. His extensive and impressive resume showcases him as an Under Armour sponsored athlete, Spokesperson for VitaFusion, a Master Trainer for Barry’s Bootcamp, creator of the DRENCHED method (a combination of plyometrics and martial arts), and a World-Class Trainer for NBC Radius Fitness, a first-of-its-kind, multiplatform, fitness and wellness program. He lives by his motto “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible”.

Hudoba holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Vocal Performance from Shenandoah University, in Winchester, Virginia. In addition to fitness and personal instruction, he enjoys a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, volleyball, and camping. When Hudoba is not traveling to his studios in Austin, Madison, New York City, Atlanta, and Boston he resides in New York City.

Name : Keoni Hudoba

Profession : Creator/ Innovator/ Artist

Origin : Hawaiian and Polish living in NYC

What inspired you to get into fitness?

My personal weight loss journey triggered a second passion in myself which is fitness. It ultimately changed my life and has changed my career path. I now have such a lust for life and helping other reach their fitness goals. It’s all about passion and compassion in my books. I want to understand my clients goals and want to help them execute the best possible plan on obtaining those goals and making them reality!


What were some of the challenges you faced with embarking on the fitness path?

Till this day I have a love for food. I jokingly say “cardio for calories” but truly mean I will not deprive myself of things that I love. It’s all about balance for me. I work and workout hard to enjoy the sweeter things in life, literally haha.


What is your approach to living a holistic fit lifestyle?

All about balance, variety, and listening to your body. You get one temple to live in and you have to take care of it. As I get older I am really dedicating time for recharging myself. A simple vacation, spa day, or alone time really can reset your vessel.


What is your typical pre and post workout routine?

I always start with a light snack, either a banana or small cup of oatmeal and tons of water. Post I always try to consume a good amount of protein. I love to cook and make turkey chili on the regular, its my favorite.


What are the essential components of staying fit forever?

I hope I stay fit forever, but reality is that life happens. For me, my plan is to have a beautiful family, get married, and live in a place that I love. I’m sure once I have kids my workouts will change drastically, (chasing them around) haha


What are your favorite workouts/ places/classes?

I am an outdoor guy, so as soon as it warms up in NYC you will find me hiking upsate as often as I can. My favorite indoor workouts are Barrys Bootcamp, Modo Yoga, RUMBLE, holy water at TMPL.


Any exciting projects brewing?

I have many exciting projects brewing and cannot wait to share! STAY TUNED!


Favorite travel spots..?

All time favorite is home to Hawaii. I love a miami getaway.  Some of my most recents have been Colorado, and New Orleans. I am always up for an adventure.


Advice for those looking to get in better shape in a few words:
Stay focused and only commit when you are 1000% ready. Allow yourself rewards. Listen to your body, if it needs rest give it rest. Don’t listen to your mind, if it says you are too tired to go to the gym, tell it to shut up and make the move!

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