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Hello beautiful people,

I’m writing to you this while I’m in a swirl of excitement while my first grandchild is about to be birthed into the world. The last month of Sonia’s pregnancy was a beautiful time for us as I’ve taken time off from work tending to her energetically as a Doula. In case you’re wondering, a Doula is a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.

I’m not a trained Doula but with my field of expertise in the healing I offer, it felt only natural to transmute the nurturing energetics from my own experiences to my daughter and the baby, both Virgo’s 😉

I hope you are enjoying some blessings in your life as well.

So Virgo season is here and it feels like it’s in full swing. I’m always fascinated by the energy Virgo brings because of what it stirs in me with such charge..- uber organization! Getting organized with everything in my life from my home, my relationships, work intentions and so on. I have almost no tolerance for messiness and it takes work to tame my impulsivity to want everything cleaned up.. (like yesterday!)

We had a great time living the Leo life but now it’s time to get organized and getting fit in all areas – emotionally, mentally physically and spiritually.

The energy of Virgo nudges us to feel more on edge about precision, paying attention to detail following a stricter schedule and responsibility.

Joyful Exercise:

It’s a good time to reevaluate areas of your life that are important to you. What feels messy, what feels sticky? What needs clearing? Take some time after a few breaths in quiet and journal on what needs tidying up in your life.

We created THE JOYFUL TRIBE; a private Facebook group serving as a place to share idea’s perspectives thoughts and ask questions on all categories of a holistic and spiritual lifestyle, on self-development and on expanding into the best version of ourselves.

We engage with each other – and share thoughts in a safe confidential container to support one another and grow our community. We’re having fun and enjoying some rich conversations there.

For example, momentarily we’re exploring ideas on qualities that are most important in Friendship. If you’re interested in joining the tribe please click here and just request to join. We would love to have You!

Click Here to Join Our Priavte Facebook Group

So I want to share something intimate with you .. a brief journal entry about my process with the coming of a new season and how I deal with reoccurring patterns, trauma and healing.

The mail came ..I don’t even know why we still get paper mail, it’s such a waste and 90 percent of it is trash, but the September issue of Vogue came and that thing happened to me.. right in my gut.. that stab of anxiousness with looming overwhelms of reminders… it’s back to school / the school the calendar would come, my inbox would be flooded with school orientation dates, a responsibility I dreaded in the past, foreshadowing 10 months of living in NY ahead without sunshine, Fall is coming, summer freedom is over .. I reminded myself: the girls are grown now and all is different now. Come back to the present moment all is okay- The discomfort I was feeling in my gut subsided. Over the weekend at the beach the weather changed; the white caps in the ocean were more visible and the waves were strong. It felt like Labor Day came 10 days early and my emotions were all over the place.. I could not shake it …this feeling of uneasiness… I meditated… I prayed.. Listened to sound wise podcasts and yet I was weathering that internal storm that was bringing up trauma.. My aunt’s passing last year this time and the grieving. I was feeling family members’ pain as an empath would – fears and sadness.. 

So I drove into NYC on Sunday because I felt I had to change the energy and do some healing work with distance and in solitude. The September feeling in the air and the NY skyline reminded me of the falling of the towers on September 11th.. The day.. the trauma ..Sonia’s reoccurring nightmares.. the chaos.. pang in my heart – stab in my gut. I parked the car, I peed and I ushered myself up to my healing space – turned the bio-mat on, Ajeet Kaur playing in the background… I gave myself a Selenite sweep, lied down and began my Breathwork journey – it felt like the excavation of years of shit I never dissolved since 911 and those years that we held it all in.. We THOUGHT we processed that trauma and yet I think about that day as if it were two minutes ago and I feel those feelings that for years resided as turmoil in my cells, in my tissue, clogging my heart.. and so I breathed.. and cathartically released.


Through Breathwork, layer by layer we balance our nervous system and physiological spiritual and emotional bodies. The effects are a more lighthearted -compassionate loving being and FREEDOM.

We ideally become better versions of ourselves with clarity and fluidity.

I know this because I have experienced this myself in the most profound way after living with PTSD for 20 years seeking every modality of therapy to clear the pain I lived with.. and it was NOT until my very first Breathwork experience that I encountered true healing which in result led me to true FREEDOM from PTSD. I am in full devotion to sharing what’s worked for me and what’s working for so many in healing and in living with more freedom love ease and becoming better versions in celebration of our unique authentic selves.

So if you’re wanting to schedule an appointment, I’ll be back in September in person in NYC or virtual sessions as well. Check out the calendar and schedule your appointment.

And I cannot wait for our first Sangha – (A Sangha is a community gathering)
Breathwork & Sound Immersion on September 17th in NYC ..(will be posted on the website very soon.)

If you are interested in joining please send an email to joy@thejoyfulapproach and we will reserve a spot for you as we are limited in space.

I love you!

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