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Getting to know Monika Kozdrowiecka, founder of Virgin Raw Foods


I am so grateful for discovering Bee Panacea a few months ago. I randomly found the product at Erewhon market in Los Angeles (home of the best supplements and highest quality organic products on the market). After using it for a month, I felt increased energy, fewer food cravings, an improvement in my hair and skin and I noticed I was feeling even more joyful. I researched the product on the website and realized that many many people are thriving from Bee Panacea. One of my most gratifying and validating findings was that my mentor of holistic health, the original holistic teacher Paul Chek was also using Bee Panacea and advocates it for optimal health. Paul, among many celebrities and professional athletes, are thriving with Bee Panacea and you can too by ordering this superfood!


I had a chance to chat with Monika, founder of Virgin Raw Foods, who created this incredible superfood. Her story is beautiful, inspiring and a fascinating dream come true.

Monika was born in Poland, a communist country with unfortunate, poor circumstances. She had limited resources for obtaining water and even a bathroom. She was living with very little stability and extremely harsh conditions. Inspired by visits with her grandmother, she learned from the way she was raised on a farm to use holistic cures. She remembers visits where she would pick strawberries, potatoes and cucumbers from the garden and when she fell ill with a sore throat, she would use food as a remedy to heal herself.


When Monika began university in Poland, she thought she should leave her country to learn English So it was a very fortunate day when she walked into the school library and found a postcard with an opportunity to win a chance to go to the United States for $200.

Monika approached the dean of her university and asked for his approval. He thought it was a brilliant opportunity. Her mom was also supportive and gave her the money to go to the United States. 17 years ago, she flew to California with only $40 in her pocket. The first day she arrived, she fell in love and knew this was indeed going to be her new home. She sensed the country’s energy and freedom. She knew it was an incredible place where her dreams could come true.

Monika began working for a family in San Francisco during the first three months she was there. She then went to UC Berkeley followed by the University of Colorado in Denver. She says she never took a moment for granted. Monica would cry from tears of joy and gratitude after having come from such a hard upbringing.

But it wasn’t all easy. Monika began suffering from eating too much processed food in the U.S. Her mom reminded her not to eat chicken, as she could feel the chemicals begin to affect her. Her belly felt bloated and she gained weight and felt lethargic.

Three years later, she began her quest to heal her body by seeking an endless journey from influencers like Tony Robbins, David Wolfe and by visiting the regions of Thailand and Taiwan. She began detoxing her body after visiting 39 healing spas throughout China, Hong Kong, Laos, Bali and Fiji. She met so many friends who helped her and the universe by supporting her journey and travels.


I was always open to receiving from the universe,” Monika said. “When it became difficult, or if I felt lost, I knew the universe would support me.”


Still, Monika experiences stomach and digestive problems that led her to undergo liver cleanses for 21 days. They became her best education. Her “Aha moment” came from that. One day after leaving a festival in Santa Barbara, she thought, “Why don’t I bring what I’m passionate about to everyone?”


Monika didn’t have a clue about starting a business but felt she had to do it. “In 2012, I decided to make 12 jars of honey,” she said. “I brought them to a raw food coop in Venice and they loved them. I sold all 12 immediately so I reached out to an herbalist. We worked on the ratio of herbs and created the yin-yang proportion as well.”

Monika infused her honey with ingredients like Reishi Astragulus Probiotics. She was relentless at making this the best product on the market to heal the body so she worked with several laboratories. The result, BEE PANACEA – a unique combination of 20 natural organic Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and superfoods, combined in a delicious 100% Raw Royal Honey base. It is formulated to promote energy, mental acuity and youthful vitality.

The 100% Raw Royal Honey comes directly from local Beekeepers. The honey is infused with:

  • Blue Algae(Spirulina and Chlorella)
  • Medicinal Mushrooms(Chaga, Shilajit)
  • Botanical Herbs(Ginseng, Astragalus, Cordyceps, Schizandra)
  • Superfoods(Maca, Goji Berries).

I am so grateful that Monika and her Bee Pancea is in my life, and for Monika to have shared her inspiring story.

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