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Beauty and Loving Kindness with Shiva Rose


Recently, I was fortunate enough to meet the beautiful Shiva Rose. I am grateful to our mutual uber talented photographer, Nihura Montiel for connecting us and making the introduction. Shiva is a former actress and is now the founder of  Shiva Rose skincare and The Local Rose blog where she shares a wealth of information on holistic wellness and lifestyle. I have been following Shiva for some time now inspired by her beautiful lifestyle which is cultivated from authentic healing from the earth. I tried her skin care over two years ago and I was hooked instantly.
Shiva was so gracious to invite me to her beautiful home nestled in the hills of the Santa Monica mountains. We chatted on both  our backgrounds with illness leading us to our journey’s with holistic lifestyle and on creating our paths with our life’s work.
Shiva  was so kind to give me a facial with her clay mask and colostrum. My skin felt glowy and radiant after my Shiva facial and I felt beautiful going about my day after without applying any makeup for the rest of the day. In exchange, I guided a loving kindness meditation in her beautiful garden as the sun illuminated us and the birds playfully chirped around us. It was an indeed a blissful time. Get to know Shiva Rose and the magic behind Shiva Rose beauty.




JD~Shiva can you tell me  about your background, your origin and path?

SR~I come from two worlds and hence feel I can be a bridge between worlds. I was raised in the country side of Iran to an American mother and Iranian father and then escaped to the states when I was ten. I was an actor for many years until nine years ago, when I made the shift to wellness,  through my holistic life style blog The Local Rose. I now create beauty products that attempt to heal women and the planet. I feel I have been able to traverse different worlds, but my true calling is being close to the land,nurturing loves ones, and bringing awareness to the idea that we become healthy when connected to natural world and spirit.

JD~What inspired the birth of The Local Rose?

SR~The Local Rose came about when I like you had to walk through the fires of illness. Nine years ago after a divorce, and serious auto immune issues I decided to get close to the earth and begin to show my journey through the site. The Local Rose shows my paths and also illuminates others whom I respect and admire for being vanguards.

JD~What do you feel is your purpose with The Local Rose?

SR~The Local Rose is to bring about beauty yet to connect it to our natural state of being in tune to the holistic idea that we are interconnected in body, mind and community.

JD~Your skincare is so divine, can you tell me what ingredients you primarily use?

SR~My skin care line is made of non-toxic, wholesome yet activating ingredients from the plant world. I use oils, shea butters, pearl powder, algae, minerals, herbs and more.

JD~Can you  share the magic behind your beauty in a few sentences?

SR~I realized a few years ago that the skin care line is a direct communion between myself and other women. I wanted to bring a powerful way to enhance our beauty without stripping the skin or drying it out which most traditional products ultimately do. It is based on Ayurvedic principles and Kundalini meditations. It also is about replenishing what we have.

JD~What does a Joyful day in your life look like?

SR~A joyful day is a road trip with my loved ones through New Mexico or up the California coast. Stopping along the way and gathering at hot springs with fellow sisters, and eating divine, organic food from a local farm. Being in gratitude for this very fleeting journey we call life.

Photos by Nihura Montiel

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