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Goals with Soul for 2019~The Desire Map Daily Planner

For my first post of the New Year, I wanted to share something that has been profoundly instrumental with my process and daily practice; The Desire Map daily planner. The planner was created by Danielle Laporte, author of The Desire Map. Danielle LaPorte runs one of the top 100 blogs in the world for women, where she educates people about spirituality, entrepreneurship and personal growth. She’s one of my favorite  go to spiritual guru’s for a myriad of  reason’s.

The Desire Map was created to set goals based on how we want to feel which is the reverse of how I’ve always set my intentions and goals in the past. This method has been so powerful and allowed me to experience so much more joy and the feelings that I want to feel in my life. I recommend reading The Desire Map to get acquainted with your Core Desire Feelings first but in case you want to jump right in, you can simply meditate on some of the feelings you most want to feel in your life.

The Desire Map came out in 2012 and helps those struggling with chasing goals and aren’t accessing the joy freedom and success in area’s of life most desired. Danielle says that goals with soul come from the inside, not from the outside, and that we should choose our goals to support our emotional well-being, not the other way around. The Desire Map gives your goal-setting mechanism a makeover by showing you that desire, is what fuels our lives and helps you rely on your feelings to navigate life, instead of giving in to the pressure of the outside world to check the boxes on goals that don’t really matter to you or aren’t yours.

I personally love listening to The Desire Map audible version and have also done a Desire Map/Breathwork course with my first Breathwork teacher Michelle D’avella of Pushing Beauty. This was such a rich process and I am truly grateful for the openings and manifestations that followed over this past year.

The Desire Map Planner is one of the practices of my morning routine which is my favorite time of the day. My morning routine sets me up for a day filled mostly with the vibrations I like to move through, also assisting me in dealing with whatever comes my way.

I’ll briefly share my morning ritual and my process with Desire Map Planning.

I wake up with a gratitude prayer; saying at-least 5 things I’m grateful for and why…

Morning Nourishment: 1 glass of room temp. Lemon water followed by a teaspoon of Bee Pancea.

Devotional music or Meditative sounds and either Palo Santo & or candle burning.

A few minutes of Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing followed by a Journal entry .. this process is a reflection on my feelings thoughts and ideas in a stream writing form. (For more on the benefits of Journal writing check out one of the first articles I wrote when I launched TJA.)

Check emails and work commitments

The Desire Map Daily Planner entry .. I love to use colored markers with my entries. The prompts Danielle offers  give me great insight accessed from a deeper layer of my soul and I can then create intentions from the feelings I most want to feel.

Movement A few Asana’s (Yoga pose’s) with the breath, warm up followed by my morning Run. I alternate my running routine with harder days and recovery days so that there is a variety of stimulus.

Go ahead and check out the Desire Map Daily or Weekly planner and begin setting your goals with more soul!

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